Update 8/8/19 Look at my adorable smile. I’m Alfie, an 11 year old, 14lbs. happy Poodle. I am very well mannered, funny and have a lot of energy, house broken and super cuddly. My human mom died, I was heartbroken but I’m ready to love again and be a wonderful companion. I love other dogs and play well with others! Shots up to date, just had a dental when I was being neutered. With VIP rescue in Clearwater please fill out application at



The frail and terminally  ill senior was moved into the ambulance. Reluctantly she passed her beloved poodle over to her visiting nephew . Her greatest fear was coming to fruition, she is being separated from her only and best friend , little Alfie .  She deliberately mislead , people that called about her health and well being , so she could remain with Alfie .

Officials , immediately condemned the dwelling as it was  uninhabitable . Alfie was brought to a groomer , who gently removed the putrid , matted, feces and urine infused coat . Upon pick up of Alfie, by the nephew , he was advised of VIP Rescue .

Before , bringing Alfie to us , there was one more stop to be made .

Alfie, went to visit his Mom , now in hospice to say “Good By Mommy, I love you ” It was a very painful and emotional god by for Mommy and Alfie . Mommy does know that ,now, he will be very well care for at VIP Rescue .

The nephew returned to the dwelling to perhaps find some necessary paperwork. Authorities, dressed him in hazmat gear to enter .. It was apparent there was a water leak , as black mold climbed the walls .. The toilet had stopped working, so the bath tub the alternate . Overwhelmed by the stench, he left empty handed .

Have you visited an aging relative lately ? Have you checked on that frail neighbor , who was always seen , sweeping the porch ?  When was the last time you stopped scrolling on your electronic device , to just call a friend ? Has brotherly love , become a thing of the past ?

Alfie has said his good byes , but now wants to say HELLO !

He is thought to be a 10 year old cream miniature poodle . He is now current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped ,on heartworm prevention and had a dental with extractions. He is a super friendly gentle boy , that is good on a leash and great with other dogs . He is retooling his thoughts on house training , since that habit recently was left unused . He has some eye clouding and in otherwise great health . He scores an A+ as a companion pet . Are you the one that can give Alfie a new home .

Please submit your application

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