Beau Ricky/ Largo

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Beau Ricky (1) Beau Ricky (2)  Beau Ricky (1)

Beau Ricky is thought to be a double digit darling  He is thought to be a yorkie mix and is about 7 mighty pounds ! He was lost and wandering , and now found and cared for . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental , and on heartworm prevention. He is vision impaired but can clearly see your good heart and welcoming arms. He does require eye drops . He is on soft food since , he is now also toothless . AND THEN  , let’s throw in hair loss and you have darling Beau Ricky .

He remains unbothered by , what  as a human we would think  of as insurmountable odds. Nope , Beau just rolls with it ..

He loves everybody , LOVES LOVES LOVES everybody !  He is confidant and a lap lover too !. He is regaining his house manners and flirts his way to your lap . He is also unbothered by other household pets. He is good on a leash , but prefers to be carried !..

Love is in the air !

so submit your application before her gets away !

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  1. Rita Stanina says:

    Hello we are interested in getting a bit more info on Beau. Do u have a guessemite on age? Is he on any medication (other than HW. And what is his donation amount, please

  2. Lea Midili says:

    Please info on how to adopt 727-648-0194

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