Terms Of Service

By completing an Adoption Application you, the prospective pet owner, agree to the following terms of service:


There is no application fee. Only upon completion of adoption you will make a donation/payment that varies depending on costs incurred by us prior to adoption. This fee is normally stated in the listing for each available pet.

How your information is used:

  • The prospective pet owner agrees to provide complete and accurate information about self, immediate family, other people living in the home, other pets in the home, previous pet ownership and care history, along with personal and professional references related to your pet animal(s).
  • The prospective pet owner agrees to fully divulge details of any restrictions regarding pet ownership at their residence including rental/lease agreements, HOA, CCR, or other regulations.
  • The prospective pet owner understands that we intend to contact all references and verify all information provided on the application, including use of public records.
  • Except as described below, we do not sell or share applicants’ personal information with any third parties.
  • Upon completing an adoption, the application will be retained as long as necessary to fulfill requirements of third party organizations (e.g. ID chip registry, local governments).

Additional details are contained in our Privacy Policy