Scruffy certainly is looking forward to her life without being an income producing “thing”. Beneath the matted and urine soaked coat is a darling little girl. The harsh reality of being a puppy mill breeder is fading more and more. She has been in foster care for a couple of weeks now and her coat is beginning to come in beautifully. She is still shy and timid, but wants to love, just not sure how to yet.  She is very quite and is getting used to being cuddled.  Gets along great with other dogs and is working real hard on her housebreaking skills. She gives kisses now and wags that precious tail.
Scruffy is thought to be 10, pushed to the max of her producing age.  She is approximately 9 lbs and is thought to be a Maltese/Yorkie mix.  She has had her dental, she is spayed, micro chipped and on heart worm prevention.  Her ear infections are cleared up, mammary tumors removed and her skin is clearing up too. She is up to date on all shots.
Despite her life of hardships, she is a tough little cookie that is, already reaching out to be loved. She now realizes, that she is warm, fed and comforted. Please don’t let her age stop you, she still has lots of pep in her step, for her life is just beginning.
If you are interested in giving Scruffy that forever family, please submit your application at
Thank you for adopting and not shopping, hopefully puppy mills will be non existent one day.

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  1. I recently submitted an application for Scruffy. To date, I haven’t received a reply or a phone call. Would you please let me know if she is still available and also the status of my application.

    Thank You.
    Linda Mulik

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