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Salem is thought to be a terrier mix who is about a year and half old , 21 lbs and , frankly , channels his inner Steve Martin or a lightning bold, depending on that moment in time . He is a comedic flash that will have you playing and laughing !

Salem is still a puppy , trying to figure out what he can , and can not do , while remaining in his foster parents good graces  !

He is full of energy as any pet parent of a puppy knows all too well.  He plays well with the Pit and Jack Russell in the home, runs outside in the fenced yard with abandon.  Sometimes he gets a little too rowdy, but takes instructions well from the older and wiser canines in the home.  If you love the pitter patter of feet running across your floor and a goofy look of bewilderment, Salem is the puppy for you.  He missed the first few classes of manner basics, so he is a work in progress !

He is current on his shots,neutered , micro chipped and on heartworm prevent . Apply now , he will be gone in a flash !

Thanks to The Hairy Hound for the fresh groom!

Please submit your application .

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  1. Stephanie suarez says:

    I am interested in Salem. Please call me at 813-220-7721
    Stephanie Suarez
    Thank you

  2. Please call me I am interested in Salem. My application has been submitted in the last 6 months.
    Thank you

  3. I’d like to schedule a meet and greet with Salem

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