Darlin’ is a stunning 2 year old, 17.3 lb Min Pin.  She is house trained as well as crate trained for sleeping at night, she is not appose to sleeping with you, if you choose.   In her crate she makes a cocoon with her blanket and wraps herself up nice and cozy.  She is good by herself or with other dogs, she is not cat tested.  She is lovely on the leash, and helps point out squirrels.  She has had a rough start and is not accustom to a lot of attention, once she gets use to you she will join you in a chair or on the couch.  She is learning the she likes affection.  She is slowly learning what toys are fun to play with.  She is an old soul, she is calm, gentle and not a bouncy 2 year old.  She is current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped and had a dental. She, sadly, is being treated for heartworm. We are accepting applications for her adoption , from loving homes that will be responsible for getting her to her treatment appointments at our vet in Palm Harbor . There will be about 4 of them over a 5 month time line. Please educate yourself about heartworm disease before applying.
She is looking forward to interviewing you!  Please submit your application!

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    Hello, Can someone email me to setup an appointment/ interview.

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