Meet Terrance !

Meet Terrance ! He is one of those mystery terrier mixes, but really, who cares with that darling face !
Terrance is thought to be 28 lbs and about 18 months . He is current on his shots micro chipped neutered and heartworm negative.
He loves car rides, he is great on a leash. With all the puppy vigor , he loves to play and play and play . He loves other dogs and people. Just like any puppy, he comes with a chewing alert. So , plenty of exercise and lots of toys are necessary in his future. Apply now !

Meet Angelina !

Meet Angelina ! This feisty ,fun female Bichon absolutely rejects the idea that she is 10.AND I believe her! She is puppy in spirit. Angelina appears to be housetrained, and loves people and dogs of all sizes.She is great in a car, and good on a leash . She is a plump 12.5 lbs, current on her shots,heartworm negative and spayed.
She has a cataract in one eye, but whispers, that means “I can only see your good half” Don’t miss out on this love muffin ,APPLY NOW



Meet China !

Meet China !
She is a 5 month old Chinese Crested hairless. Her current weight at 5 months is 8.1 lbs. She is very timid, and sweet. She is current on her shots,micro chipped, spayed and heartworm negative.
She is stepping up to the housetraining challenge. She is best suited for a home familiar with this breed.Apply now, she will not last long !

Meet Sir Oliver !

Meet Sir Oliver ! This little cutie is just two years old with the sorry baggage of an old timer. He is 8.1 lbs and is being treated for allergies and a  skin yeast infection by simple neglect.He is thought to be a Maltese mix. But the really good news is , Oliver is simply adorable and healthy . He is independent ,yet loving, wanting to be with humans, but not clinging . He is clever and willing to learn.He is current on his shots, micro chipped , neutered and pending the heartworm test results . Be aware  ! he is a charmer !Apply now .. just look at that face !

Meet Ericka !

Meet Ericka ! She is a bright eyed 7 year old phantom poodle beauty ! She is smart ,gentle very sweet and loving .She wants to regain her youthful weight , at 11.1 lbs, a walk plan is her future life. It appears she was someone’s special friend , but now finds herself looking for that special family that will let her join in the fun. This sweet  girl, with a magical personality would be a welcome addition to most households. Ericka is good with other dogs and loves people !She is housetrained and seems to enjoy lap lounging with a special someone.She is current on her shots, spayed, and heartworm test is pending results .Step up now for this little lady, all the hard work is done and you can just enjoy !


Meet Kurley !

Kurley is thought to be a 2 and a half year old , 10 lb mostly poodle mix. He has an A+ personality and loves people, pets, hugs and kisses. Kurley is also housetrained !
Silly and  fun, Kurley sports  a rat tail !!
He is current on his shots, micro chipped, heartworm negative and neutered. Don’t miss out on this fun filled companion pet !


Meet Bree Z

Bree z is a stunning silver on white miniature poodle, approximately 9 years of age. This 12 pound package of sweetness is extraordinarily gentle, happy, friendly, easy-going and loves to romp in the yard. Her calm demeanor makes her an ideal house pet and her enthusiasm to run with kids and other dogs, make her the perfect addition to any family. She is fully housetrained, follows basic commands, rarely barks and is most comfortable curled up on your lap or carried like a little princess in your arms. She is extremely well adjusted, not at all pesky or needy, but will always graciously accept affection if offered.
As a young dog, her teeth were severely neglected, so the remaining teeth had to be extracted to prevent further complications. She hasn’t skipped a beat since the surgery, eating just about anything placed in front of her, and maintaining her consistent cheerful nature. Since the loss of her teeth, she is unsure what to do with her tongue, and it sometimes slips out the side of her mouth, which makes her even more precious than before.
She would be best suited in a home with older children, mature enough to be gentle with a smaller dog, or an adult only home. And she has a blast chasing cats, but typically cats do not share the same excitement in the game. So, a cat-free home would probably be best for all involved. A fenced in yard is desirable, where she can happily trot, exercising her freedom and exploring the outdoors.
Breezy’s deep brown eyes, rimmed with dramatically long black lashes, penetrate the soul and melt the heart. She is an angelic, smart little girl that needs a home offering an abundance of love and attention that she not only longs for…but without question…deserves.
She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed, heart worm negative and monthly flea & heart worm preventive has been applied.

Meet Sully !

Meet Sully !
He is thought to be a 2 year old Golden doodle .He is about 40 lbs. Sully had entropy eye surgery and will be as good as new very soon. Sully is current on his shots, micro chipped ,neutered , and heartworm negative.He is super  friendly and grateful for safe haven. Sully is good on a leash, loves to play in the yard, and is house trained.Sully has a fabulous curly coat , the smarts of a poodle , the loving nature of a retriever. Apply now, (before his foster mom claims him !)

Meet Jay Z !!

JayZ. is a playful puppy! He is 4 months old – up to date on shots – good with other pets and familiy.  He weighs about 7.5 lbs.  A.J. is fostered in the Clearwater area.
He’s a bit timid..but I think that’s ‘cause he’s so little and we’re so big to him.  Typical puppy teething…but easily re-directed to toys.  He likes rope toys and bones.  Uses doggie stairs to get up and down furniture.  Independent little guy.  Will make his own fun…get a toy and and chew.  Wanders around on his own  Plays very well with dogs.  Likes people.  Typical puppy behaviors but is not a hyper pup.  Likes to lay on couch with you and sleep.  Does pretty well in a crate if you’re in the same room.  Doesn’t like it if you leave him!

Meet Gere !

Meet Gere !
 Handsome alert !
This dynamic 9 lb 18 month Pomeranian , is current on his shots,neutered, micro chipped and heartworm negative.He likes humans and other dogs . Gere is good and a leash and appears to be house trained. Don’t hesitate, Apply now !


Meet Bocce !

Meet Bocce !
  He is thought to be a Maltese mix, Bocce is thought to be 3 years old and about 8 lbs. He has a beautiful white blaze on his chest. . He is very timid. Bocce is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered and heartworm negative. He is fostered in the Clearwater area.