While searching for the right description for Roux , a few words came to mind, carefree, casual, dégagé, lackadaisical, nonchalant, unaffected, unconcerned, unfussy, unperturbed, untroubled, unworried.  Let’s just leave it at mellow .

Of course , that might change .

He is most likely a terrier/chi mix . He is about 2 years old and about 9 lbs. He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.

He is a cuddle kinda guy and super sweet .. Some what confused with his new surroundings  but seems to be find with young teen humans . Apparently , he was chillin’ out during the house training and leash walking class , but a little time will fix that .

If de’gag’e is your wish , look no further !

Thanks to Fluff Cuts for the spa day .

Don’t forget to submit your application !

vip roux d vip roux c vip roux b vip roux

Toni/Citrus Park

UPDATE 8 21/19

Hi. My name is Toni and I’m thought to be a ….dog. 
My foster dads say I am all love. 24/7 I love to be in your lap, snuggled next to you. I am so gentle and want to make my humans happy so I pay attention and do what I’m told. I am a good girl on my papers in the house (paper trained) and now that I know where I’m supposed to go haven’t had any accidents. I am a quick learner and would probably be able to be housetrained outside quickly.
I get along with my sister dog and brother cat and am happy to play with them.
I would be the perfect lap dog if you want someone to just chill with you and watch tv or take a nap.
vip toni 8 21

Welcome to today’s game of GUESS THE BREED ?

 Is she , min-pin-ish ?

Is she chi- ish ?

Is she terrier -ish ?

 Really ? who cares !!

We can confirm she is cute,  darling , sweet , a lover , super friendly and charming !

Toni is thought o a be an “ISH” about 3.5 years young and 9 pounds-ish .

Toni is current on her shots , micro chipped , spayed , had a dental and is well into her successful treatment for heartworm disease . Early Sept she need her last injection and a followup in 30 days then she is good to go !. Our vet is in Palm Harbor so being close to there will make the date sensitive appointment , easy .

Stay tuned for more on our Darling Toni !

 and don’t forget to submit your application !

vip toni b vip toni a


Chapter 1

Having tested positive for heartworm, in an over crowded rural shelter , his next walk was to the death room. However his sweet and charming personality , paired with his soulful eyes, caught the attention of a rescue transporter who , whispered , you will have a Chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Safely landed ,  his new friends had him retested . He now tested negative . Now we are at a cross road, proceeding with caution, we are putting him up for adoption as a HEARTWORM WATCH. We know there are always false positives and false negatives , in the testing . We will do follow up testing for a few months to make sure he tests negative .

Chapter 3

Taylor is an easy addition to our foster family.  At 2 years old he a gentleman with spunk.  He walked into our home with calm and confidence.  Taylor plays well with the puppy and Pit Bull yet manages to stay out of the craziness.  When the puppy tried to muscle in on his breakfast, Taylor gently nudged him out of the way.  When they were all outside, Taylor ran around the yard with the pack, but did not run in the house.  He appears to be house trained and looking for his forever home. Chapter 4

He is thought to be a jack russell mix and is about 2 years young and about 17 lbs. He is neutered , micro chipped , current on his shots and given heartworm prevention . Thanks to Fluff Cuts in Clearwater for the spa day !

Chapter 5

 Are you his forever chapter ? please submit your application.

vip taylor bb vip taylor cc vip taylor aa



Salem is thought to be a terrier mix who is about a year and half old , 21 lbs and , frankly , channels his inner Steve Martin or a lightning bold, depending on that moment in time . He is a comedic flash that will have you playing and laughing !

Salem is still a puppy , trying to figure out what he can , and can not do , while remaining in his foster parents good graces  !

He is full of energy as any pet parent of a puppy knows all too well.  He plays well with the Pit and Jack Russell in the home, runs outside in the fenced yard with abandon.  Sometimes he gets a little too rowdy, but takes instructions well from the older and wiser canines in the home.  If you love the pitter patter of feet running across your floor and a goofy look of bewilderment, Salem is the puppy for you.  He missed the first few classes of manner basics, so he is a work in progress !

He is current on his shots,neutered , micro chipped and on heartworm prevent . Apply now , he will be gone in a flash !

Thanks to The Hairy Hound for the fresh groom!

Please submit your application .

vip salem a vip salem full vip salem aa

Salem (2) Salem (3) Salem (4) Salem (1)


I will push to the limits, play hard, learn fast and LOVE  my human! I am brave and bold and darling and delicate  !  I AM A SHIH TZU !

Giselle is thought to be 2 years old and 11 lbs. She is current on her shots, micro chipped,spayed and on heartworm prevention. She is recovering from a little somethin’ somethin’ skin thing from flea bites on her back , but is well on her way to beautiful!

Early ranking puts her at a B for housetraining , B+ for leash walking , A+ from sleeping quietly through the night , and an over the chart AAA+++ for fun and personality !

ANY QUESTIONS  Apply to adopt

vip giselle aa vip giselle 1 vip giselle 3



Ozzie is thought to be a 10 year old 16 lb phantom miniature poodle . He is current on his shots ,neutered ,micro chipped , and on heartworm prevention. Like so many dogs , that did not have good dental care , all is life, so he has no teeth. He does just fine , with eating . As a matter of fact , also like most dogs, don’t bug him while he is eating , humans and other pets please .Would you believe, we have to remind people of that !

He has great house manners and takes his business outside . Such a good boy ! . Appears  to be good with other dogs, and does great on a leash .. Loves to  walk , so don’t just sit there apply !

He will love you even if YOU  are old .. Please submit you application !

vip ozzie d vip ozzie c vip ozzie e vip ozzie b vip ozzie f vip ozzie  a


Sunshine is thought to be a doxie/chi mix. She is about a year old and 9 lbs . She is current on her shots , microchipped, spayed , and on heartworm prevention.. She is a charmer with lots of puppy personality . She loves everything and everyone that moves ! Sunshine gets a B- on house training .She know some basic obedience also !  The more toys , the happier she is . She is crated trained for sleeping .

To welcome Sunshine in to your heart and home you must submit an application .

vip sunshine 7 30 f vip sunshine 7 30 e vip sunshine 7 30 b vip sunshine 7 30 a vip sunshine 7 30 d



Haili :

holding down the dog bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the day bed : Level EXPERT

holding down the couch : Level EXPERT

Just another exciting day at Camp Terri , where Haili never let’s you down , knowing that the dog bed, day bed or couch will not escape on Haili’s watch . Haili is looking for a home where , she can do pretty much nothing !.  The long evening walks are not her thing . Endless hours of chasing toys, nope .. According to Haili , barking is such a waste of good sleeping time . So if YOU  , are looking for a friendly couch accessory , look no further .

Haili is thought to be a maltese /poodle mix. About 10 years young and about 12 lbs. She is house trained and , loves being next to her human , well, as long as you are sitting , like , on the couch . She is current on her shots, micro chipped , spayed , had an extensive dental and is on heartworm prevention.  So , if low key is your thing , then Haili is your gal . When she gets up , she will review , your application !


I can’t even imagine how terrified this delicate little girl felt has she wander , most likely for months by her intake condition . Matted , flea infested , hungry and limping until found by animal services . Most likely , she is a 9 year old , under weight at 9 lbs  Maltese mix . She is now  current on her shots,  spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention . Sadly , her dental has left her toothless . But , believe me , that HAS NOT  slowed her food intake down .

It is apparent that her past included a home , with love . But , her story is unknown. She is quite familiar with household comforts, like THE COUCH  , the sound of the refrigerator opening , and air conditioning! Her recall of house training is returning also ! Playing has not been part of the last few days .HOWEVER ,   She excels at couch lounging and pillow hoarding . Haili does have a limp , and apparently it was a past injury , that has no fix . If a lovely , low activity companion pet is you wish , apply !   Stay tuned for her glamour shots !

vip haili 7 30 a vip haili 7 30 dvip haili vip haili d  vip haili b  dog age chart


Update 8/8/19 Look at my adorable smile. I’m Alfie, an 11 year old, 14lbs. happy Poodle. I am very well mannered, funny and have a lot of energy, house broken and super cuddly. My human mom died, I was heartbroken but I’m ready to love again and be a wonderful companion. I love other dogs and play well with others! Shots up to date, just had a dental when I was being neutered. With VIP rescue in Clearwater please fill out application at



The frail and terminally  ill senior was moved into the ambulance. Reluctantly she passed her beloved poodle over to her visiting nephew . Her greatest fear was coming to fruition, she is being separated from her only and best friend , little Alfie .  She deliberately mislead , people that called about her health and well being , so she could remain with Alfie .

Officials , immediately condemned the dwelling as it was  uninhabitable . Alfie was brought to a groomer , who gently removed the putrid , matted, feces and urine infused coat . Upon pick up of Alfie, by the nephew , he was advised of VIP Rescue .

Before , bringing Alfie to us , there was one more stop to be made .

Alfie, went to visit his Mom , now in hospice to say “Good By Mommy, I love you ” It was a very painful and emotional god by for Mommy and Alfie . Mommy does know that ,now, he will be very well care for at VIP Rescue .

The nephew returned to the dwelling to perhaps find some necessary paperwork. Authorities, dressed him in hazmat gear to enter .. It was apparent there was a water leak , as black mold climbed the walls .. The toilet had stopped working, so the bath tub the alternate . Overwhelmed by the stench, he left empty handed .

Have you visited an aging relative lately ? Have you checked on that frail neighbor , who was always seen , sweeping the porch ?  When was the last time you stopped scrolling on your electronic device , to just call a friend ? Has brotherly love , become a thing of the past ?

Alfie has said his good byes , but now wants to say HELLO !

He is thought to be a 10 year old cream miniature poodle . He is now current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped ,on heartworm prevention and had a dental with extractions. He is a super friendly gentle boy , that is good on a leash and great with other dogs . He is retooling his thoughts on house training , since that habit recently was left unused . He has some eye clouding and in otherwise great health . He scores an A+ as a companion pet . Are you the one that can give Alfie a new home .

Please submit your application

vip alfievip alfie 6 23 b vip alfie 6 23 c vip alfie  6 23 d vip alfie 6 23 ddog age chart


Hi! My name is Delilah and I’m just the sweetest little girl. I’m around a year old and 18 lbs. I’m thought to be a Brussels Griffon-terrier mix.

At first I’m a little shy, but it doesn’t take me long to warm up to new people and give kisses to everyone I meet. I get along with my foster sister and my new foster kitty and I am super interested in the cats. I love to sit at the window and watch my cat friends and everyone outside.

I do jump up on the back of the chair and the computer desk to look out and I love looking out the kitchen doors. I would do better in a house that has a fenced yard since I like to jump. A 6 foot fence would be ideal, but not necessary if you’re willing to hang out with me. I walk well on a leash and like to ride in the car too. I’m still working on my potty training, but I am doing well and am a quick learner once we get in a routine.

I’d probably be best with an older couple who wants a lap dog or a family with an older child who wants a new best friend. I am spayed, current on shots and on heartworm prevention. If you want me to be your new buddy please fill out an application at rescue delilah 7.15 Vip rescue delilah 7.15 2 20190707_123536   20190707_123437Enlight119    Enlight120

WOW, I have discovered , I kinda like some people ! I have be hangin’ with my foster Mom and some other doggie dudes, and found out , not everything is scary!   Good food , fresh water , kind voice, friendly words, soft beds, air conditioning  and even thing called toys have all changed my world .  I am thought to be a Brussels Griffon , cairn terrier mix . I am about 1 year old and 18 lbs so , so very cute . I am spayed , current on shots and on heartworm prevention .
I am not quite perfect on taking my business outside , but I am working on it . My foster Mom says I get an A+ as a welcome home greeter !  Although , I still am a little shy when meeting new humans , you just have to be a little patient with me . I am looking forward to reviewing , you application .

vip delilah 6 25vip delilah 6 19 vip delilah 6 19 f vip delilah 6 19b vip delilah 6 19 e vip delilah 6 19 d



Dominic is embarking into a world that is totally unfamiliar to him.A world  ,now filled with kindness, love and caring . He has arrived to rescue completely and totally terrified . He is NOT  a biter , just very very scared of humans. His journey to being a lovely companion pet has begun !

Dominic is thought to be just one year old ,20 lbs and thought to be a Cairn terrier mix. He is current on his shots , micro chipped , neutered and on heart worm prevention.

 Additional evaluations are underway , as we work with him on learning to trust and experience every day occurrences , that companion pets live with . The world of unknowns are where he is right now . He will require an experienced pet parent , that can help him become an awesome family member . Our loving talented team of volunteers , are working with him to achieve a brighter future .

If you are an  very very experienced pet parent and want to welcome Dominic to your heart and home ,  you must submit your application ! Thanks to The Sandy Paws pet salon for the fresh groom !

vip dominic


                                                                            vip fargo b


Fargo is a wonderful little 13Lb Terrier mix.  And he’s about 7 years young.

He had to have an eye removed because of neglect in his former life.  But it doesn’t phase this little trouper at all. Not an issue!

He’s vocal when he wants something, like a walk, to go out and go potty  (he is housebroken), when he’s hungry or if he wants to get up or down on furniture to be with you to enjoy your company.

He likes being around his humans.

He gets along with all people, as well as dogs and cats.

Basically, he’s a Perfect addition to a quiet, low-key home.



 As you know, Vet bills can be very expensive. 

VIP Rescue would gratefully accept any and all donations to help with

Fargo’s Vet bills.

Thank You!





What a trouper Fargo is!!

In the past month, since he came to us, he’s undergone a dental, all shots and vaccines updated, updated on flea and heartworm meds, he’s received a micro chip, suffered from an allergy and had an eye removal surgery!

I mean, Really!!?

 It’s amazing how these animals bounce back!!

But….BAM! He’s Back!!

He has had no problem at all in the loss of one eye.

No One likes The Cone…lol

IMG-1302 IMG-1304

It’s been 2 weeks since his eye surgery.


The area has healed beautifully, per the vet who saw him yesterday to take out his stitches.


The area won’t even be noticeable when his hair grows back.  And, truely, he’s not phased at all.

  (Yay! Shout Out to Dr Stallman @ Day & Evening Vet Clinic in Palm Harbor)

Dr Stallman also gave him a shot for his allergy (which has already helped his itching). And we have him on a food for his allergy.

And he gained a pound!! He’s still light at just under 13 Lbs.

 He’ll be seeing the groomer soon, but just for a little touch up.  He’s got the most beautiful, thick black coat with grey in it.  It’s just gorgeous.

 Fargo’s a great guy that loves to have fun and adores attention.

He’s vocal to go out to potty and in his play.

He gets along with people, dogs, cats…basically, everyone he meets.

He Loves his walks and is house broken.

 As you know, Vet bills can be very expensive. 

VIP Rescue would gratefully accept any and all donations to help with

Fargo’s Vet bills.

Thank You!






Some people are blind to dog neglect .
Some dogs are blind BECAUSE OF  neglect !
Meet Fargo ! He is thought to be a 7 years young .10.9 lb mixed terrier . This happy little boy is current on his shots, micro chipped , neutered and on heart worm prevention . He will need one eye enucleation and a dental after he becomes healthy enough once his skin condition clears up and general health improves .Most dogs do very well after the painful eye is removed because the other eye is fine and dogs are scent  animals . They do not rely on vision as humans  do .
Fargo is energetic, fun , very playful , apparently house trained and good on a leash . He get along well with other dogs. Fargo is an easy fit for most households .
We don’t know why this great companion pet has gotten to this health challenge . We do know that it will be expensive and we could use your financial support to cover this medical bills . Thank you in advance for anything you can contribute !
We are accepting applications for this fantastic little guy , for a later take home date . To welcome Fargo to your hearth and home , you must submit your application .
vip fargo c vip fargo b vip fargo d vip fargo a

Mia/St Petersburg

Mia is a darling 6 lb 3.5 year old black toy poodle . She is current on her shots , spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention . At her arrival to rescue , she was very underwieght , due to a minor health issue ,She also had a minor infection around her one eye , that also has been addressed .

Mia is a princess, with a preference of being an only child. This little girl has a very bubbly and loving personality. She loves cuddles and attention. Mia is best suited for a family living in a single family house , since she is very very vocal! She is good on a leash and appears to be house trained .

To welcome Mia to your heart and home , you must submit an application.

Thanks to Karen at Reef Dog Grooming in Gulfport for the spa day !

vip mia poodle b vip mia poodle c vip mia poodle a


VIP Toby 6 (2)VIP Toby 6 (1) VIP Toby 6 (3)dog age chart
Handsome and happy Toby !  Toby has joyfully transitioned to a first class companion pet ! His work days are over and his bubbly personality , just brings smiles to your face  ! He is a party  Pomeranian, who is thought to be 10 years young and under that lovely coat is  just 12lbs.
He is ready to go to share the love ! He is current on his shots , micro chipped, neutered , and on heartworm prevention .
Toby is great with other dogs , loves car rides , fair  on a leash and housetrained. Toby is a master smile maker !
To welcome Toby to your heart and home ,please submit your application !


vip toby  6 14 a vip toby 6 14  c vip toby 6 14 bvip toby  pom





RETIREE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO LOVE ME !  I was a working gal who produced lots of pups for a greeder breeder .No longer useful, my owner would have had to cover the cost of my vaccinations and other basic needs…. it was time to go.

Fortunately, rescue stepped in  and now,  I am looking for the best part of my life . I am Tasha a beautiful 10 year old pomeranian and a plump 13.2 lbs. It has been a whirlwind of excitement ! My first time ever at a doggie spa . Thanks Sandy Paws in Palm Harbor!

Next , I was at a vet , where I was fixed to assure no more puppies and reduce the chances of mammary tumors ..Then there were shots, micro chip, heartworm prevention , and a dental..

I am as good as new , but with a few years of life experiences .

I am delightful , beautiful , friendly and willing to give you all the love you could possibly want! I appear to be house trained , and since I came from a place with MANY MANY MANY  other dogs , I would fit right into you pack .

To welcome me to your heart and home please submit an application

vip tasha pom


Buttercup 6.4.2019 Buttercup 6.4.2019 2

Buttercup is thought to be a 9 year old 8.5 lb malti/poo. This little darling is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed , on heartworm prevention . ,

Found as a stray ,her arrival to rescue , was God’s way of saying SAVE THIS ONE !. She was extremely neglected and required a major dental,ear infection treatment and had some little masses that needed to be tended to . With all of that behind her , she is well on the way to her new and improved beautiful self .She was held prisoners in her own coat of mats.

She has developing cataracts , but has vision .. She certainly has ALL her hearing , proven by the “clinical” test of unwrapping a piece of cheese .

Her recovery would be hastened , by a loving new family . Are you the one ? To welcome Buttercup to your heart and home please submit your application !

vip buttercup bb vip buttercup aa

PRINCESS /Clearwater

My name is Princess now.. I was a cash cow but got to old to have more money maker puppies . I am lucky to be in rescue now , instead of shot , bagged and buried behind the wood shed.

These nice people fixed me so there was no chance of babies again and reduced my chances of mammary tumors .I also had come shots , a micro chip , heartworm prevention and they took out all the rotten neglected teeth in my mouth . I think I might be 10 years young and a pudgy 10.5 lbs Pomeranian.


I love not being one of so many other dogs at that place . I am really a gentle little friendly girl that discovered how nice it is to sit on a lap and have my head gently stroked .. I take my business outside, and have not found a reason to bark ! . I have so much love to give .. Will you bring me home and love me ? Please submit your application . I can’t wait to meet you !

 Thanks to Fluff Cuts for  the spa day!

vip princess pom b vip princess pom c vip princess pom d vip princess pom a


VIP Sissy 5.13 1 VIP Sissy 5.13 3 VIP Sissy 5.13 2

Meet sweet, beautiful Sissy! I’m approximately 5-7 years young, about 11 lbs. I’m very sweet and very docile. I love my foster Mom and Dad but I would be okay with one human and I’m good with other dogs, but I wouldn’t mind being your one and only.  I entertain myself with my toys, I love soft balls. I will only go do my business on a leash and a short walk, even if it’s just in the back yard, I have to be on a leash, hey it’s a girl’s prerogative. I have the most beautiful eyes and the sweetest face.

I’m spayed, up to date on my shots, micro chipped, on heartworm and flea prevention and had a fresh dental.

If you would like to add me to your family please fill out an application at

vip sissy 2019 b vip sissy 2019 a vip sissy 2019 c

Gemma/ Citrus Park

Gemma is thought to be a 3 year old , 16 lb, poodle yorkie mix. She is current on her shots , spayed, micro chipped , on heartworm prevention and had a dental .

 I’m a little love bug, but the good kind. I’ve only been with my foster dads a few nights so I am still learning new stuff about them. I know I like to sit with them on the couch and have my belly rubbed and I give lots of good kisses in return. I also like to sleep in the big bed and sleep through the night. I appear to be housetrained, but I do have accidents getting used to my new home. I get along with my sister dog, but I don’t like cats. They won’t play with me so I want to bark and chase them.
If you are looking for a good cuddler who enjoys taking it easy, please complete an adoption form for me. I can get a little jealous , when I want to be petted .
To welcome Gemma to your heart and home you must submit your application 
vip gemma 5 12 b vip gemma 5 12 vip gemma


Super cute Kramer is thought to be a 1 year old 10 lb shih tzu  mix . His striking colors and black mask are stunning ! He is current on his shots, micro chipped ,neutered and on heartworm prevention ! His is making great progress on his house training !

Cuties like Kramer don’t last long , so apply fast !

vip kramer 2 vip kramer 3 vip kramer


A little ditty ’bout , Jack and Diane,we’er safe in rescue , and VIP does the BEST  they can !

Jack and Diane are thought to be 3 years young and about 10 lbs maltese. They are besties, so we want them be rehomed together !

We are accepting applications for this dynamic duo for a slightly later date .Currently Diane is being treated for an URI , so her spay has been delayed . When both are ready to delight their new family , they will be spayed/neutered, current on shots, micro chipped , and on heart worm prevention.

Let’s double down on the love with this darling pair .

Remember , you MUST  submit your application

vip jack maltese vip jack b vip jack a vip diane maltese vip diane b vip diane a


Oliver is an adorable 10 lb ,7.5 year old Shih tzu. He is current on shots , micro chipped neutered , had a dental and is on heartworm prevention.. MR Cutie is working his way through some allergy thing, but is ready to delight his new family with his sparkling personality .

To welcome Oliver to your heart and home , you MUST  submit your application

vip oliver 2019 a vip Oliver a vip oliver b vip Oliver c


Unleash the cuteness ! Sneakers is thought to be a 6.7 lb 13 month maltese . He is  current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartwarm prevention.He has not mastered housetraining yet ! But the willingness is there which is half the battle !

Little cuties like Sneakers don’t last long , so submit your application now !

vip sneakers vip sneakers bvip sneakers a


Jackson is thought to be a 2 year old , 16 lb  Carin terrier mix. If you love big brown eyes, he is your guy . Jackson is current on his shots, neutered , micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. This handsome athletic boy is mostly house trained and not super needy of affection. Game on please with the squeaky toy toss please . Jackson is good with other dogs and is ready for his forever family .

To welcome Jackson to your heart and home , you must submit your application !

vip jackson a vip jackson b

Ruby Sue/Largo

Ruby Sue is a teeny tiny chi , who is all of 5 lbs and just 2 years old .. Since the world is so big and her ,  not so much ,she is frighted and very very timid … She is current on her shots, spayed, microchipped and on heartworm prevention. She is best suited for a childfree home .

To welcome Ruby Sue to your heart and home you must submit an application

vip ruby sue vip ruby sue c vip ruby sue b vip Ruby towels



Billy/St petersburg



Billy is a very laid back kind of a guy and likes to be close to his human. He has good potty manners and is crate trained. He is neutered, current on his shots, on heart worm prevention, just had his dental and is micro chipped. Billy is thought to be 10 years and 12 pounds of typical loving poodle. He walks well on a leash and loves to go for walkies. Even though he is laid back, he loves to chase the ball and play with toys. He gets along well with the other dogs here and was an excellent boy on the grooming table. To welcome Billy to your heart and home you must submit your application

vip billy 3 vip billy 1 vip billy 2

JonJon /Holiday

JonJon is thought to be a 6 year old 17 lb, poodle /shih tzu mix.  This handsome charmer is current on his shots, neutered,

micro chipped and being treated for heartworm disease. We are accepting applications for responsible pet parents who are willing and able to get JonJon to his date and time sensitive treatment appointments at our vet in Palm Harbor . This sweet boy deserves a great home . Are you it ? To welcome JonJon to your heart and home please submit your application.

Thanks to the Hairy Hound for the fresh groom !

vip JonJon b vip JonJon


Ammora  is an adorable little mixed breed thought to be a Chi/terrier mix.She  is 7  lbs and just 13 weeks old.She  is current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped and to young to be heartworm tested. We were not provided with much back ground , so we can not , give with any accuracy a guess at adult weight. Please remember puppies are a lot of work . To welcome Ammora to your heart and home please submit your application .

VIP ammora  a vip ammora bbvip ammora b vip ammora c vip ammora a


Aster 6.4.2019 Aster 6.4.2019 2
Hi, my name is Aster and I was born 1/30/19. As a little mixed breed ,  came to VIP Rescue with my brothers and sisters when I was just a little girl and VIP has very limited  info about our parents. I am currently 16 pounds and I expect to get to be about 30 lbs  as estimated by a vet .
I am a sweet and loving , but I am a puppy and act like one. I am working on my house training, but will need help figuring this out.
I love to play and run like crazy. If I had a young canine  brother or sister to play with that would be great! I’d also love a large fenced yard to run around in and get all my puppy energy burned.
I love humans !I’d be HAPPY HAPPY with a human brother or sister as long as they are older. I like to play and am probably too big and energetic for a small child to play with.
I am all legs and so far, I not have an “off” button. Puppies are like that .
I am REALLY REALLY into toys the more the merrier .
  I can show you what life with a puppy is like , if you would show me how to become that perfect family pet. Pack your patience and please complete an application at
I am ready to go ! On heartworm prevention , current on shots, micro chipped and spayed too !

vip aster 5 29 b vip aster 5 29 c vip aster 5 29 avip aster 5 13vip aster  5 13 bvip aster b vip aster a vip aster c

Arden/New Port Richey

Arden 4.9

Arden is an adorable little mixed breed thought to be a Chi/terrier mix.She  is 4.5  lbs and just 8 weeks old.She  is current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped and to young to be heartworm tested. We were not provided with much back ground , so we can not , give with any accuracy a guess at adult weight. Please remember puppies are a lot of work . To welcome Arden to your heart and home please submit your application .

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