Meet Charlie!

Charlie is adorable, lovable and sweet.

IMG-6583        IMG-6588       IMG-6589

Charlie is a mini Poo, maybe mixed with some Terrier… because he does shed a little.  He will need to be brushed and visit a regular groomer.

He is about 13lbs. and 9 years Young!

He gets along with all people, dogs and cats.  He is a Very happy guy who loves walks, playing and outings at the park.

He is neutered, up to date on all his shots and vaccines.  He is microchipped and will have a dental on St. Patty’s Day, the 17th.

Good on a leash, good in a car (crated or not), and does well in a crate.

He can Sit, give his Paw and Lie down for treats.  He listens very well.  He’s the perfect watch dog.

Charlie was a former VIP dog that was returned because his living quarters were getting to be a danger for him.

CHARLIE 2019       charlie 2021           CHARLIE 2021                                     63692407786--EE66B03D-A9B0-47EC-BABF-B5AF43F9DCFD

We are thrilled to have him safely in our custody and looking for a new, safe, home.

Apply for Charlie today!


Hi  Happy October!!

It’s me, Josie!     With an Update!


Since I checked in last…..

I had my dental and I was spayed.  I had to have all my teeth, except 2, pulled.  I had really poor dental care in my last home .

I’m getting happier, braver, friendlier and less scared of everything.  I was abused in my last home.

When I first got here, I would only crawl on my belly towards people.  But I’m getting more confidence now.

I am doing better on my walks and I’m doing really well on my potty training! But I’d like a home with a fenced in yard.

she 1

My foster mom gives me baths often to help with my ongoing skin problem.  My Hair is still growing back.  I’m going to be checked out further by one of the fabulous VIP vets for skin allergies.

I love to hang outside with my foster mom…I really like to go everywhere with her.  Still working on my separation anxiety, so I’d like a Home Body to adopt me.


One of my favorite things is rolling around in the grass!!


Again…I’m a 10Yr young Girl ( they say Mini Poodle…?)

Looking for a loving forever home. I am learning how to give Kisses!!


Please apply for me online.

Here she is!!


Sassy JOSIE!!

Josie is a little 10LB adorable girl.  (They say) she’s Mini Poodle Mix…..and a 10years (young) Senior.

She is spayed, up to date on all shots and vaccines and preventive (Heartworm & Flea) medicines, and has had a dental. She is also micro chipped.

Her situation is special.

Josie came from a horrible hoarder environment and she was poorly cared for . She came to us without much hair!  And scared of everything.

She’s done very well  under our care, but may need a follow up for her skin.


She has never been “walked” on a leash  before…she’s learning slowly.    We are still working on the housebreaking.  Ideally, she should be in a home with a fenced in backyard.

She is still pretty shy/timid and that will probably take some time for her to realize that not all humans are bad.

Josie would do best in a quiet household.

She has some separation anxiety and would do best with Homebodies.

Josie  gets along with people, cats and dogs.

She does have a slight Jealousy tendency, so would be best as an Only Child.

For these reasons, her situation is special.


She is as sweet as can be!  And she’s smart & sassy! And just adorable!

She’s just beginning to give little kisses…awwww

If you can provide Josie with the special things she needs, the first step is to make out an application at:

Thanx for thinking Rescue!!!


Sneeezy Adopted!!!

Sneeezy Adopted!!!




Where to begin with this dog??   He is So great in So many ways.

First…..He’s “Made in America”!  A Home Grown Rat Terrier.


An American mixture of about 10 dogs.  Please Read more about the breed:   They are really unique.

These dogs are best to be with an experienced Terrier owner/trainer.   They need someone Training savvy.

Sneeezy, Personally ….

He is a Wondeful dog!! He’s got a huge heart! I don’t think he’s got a bad bone in his body…except for rats.   Lol

 He gets along well with the other dog in the house.  As well as the cat.  Does not see the cat as prey.

He’s not been a barker at all.  Rides well in the car.  Not great on a leash right now…like the breed. He came to us with a marking problem, but we are working with him, and he’s starting to get with the program.  He is housetrained.

Inquisitive…YES  Active…YES  Curious.…YES  Sweet & cuddly…YES!  He just Loves to roam in the backyard.


**And about the breed digging….a dog can’t dig a 5ft hole if You’re watching them, Right????  Not a good breed to be left outside on their own.

Sneeezy is about 1 yr. old and puppy-like.  He’s already had some training. He can Sit, Come (definitely need more work on that with distractions)  And training to pay attention to only you (with distractions). He is partially crate trained.****

He probably knows more we haven’t discovered yet.  He likes rope toys. I have had no problems with him getting into anything inside or out.


He is a sweet, gentle soul…except to rats…lol.

Sneeezy is about 13Lbs.  He’s been neutered, micro-chipped, brought up to date with all vaccines.

Rat Terrier are a shedding breed…but other than nails, is an easy breed on grooming.

He has no problem Chill-laxng either….


****IMPORTANT NOTE****  Sneeezy is heartworm Possitive.  VIP Rescue pays for all his treatments, but new owner must be in a 30 minute distance of our vet in Palm Harbor for treatments.  He has to take meds daily. And has begun the protocol for heartworm treatment.  As treatments go on, this is another great reason to work more on the crating, as it helps you keep him calm during this period.****





Hamster/ Largo





hamster new

vip hamster b

Hamster is thought to be 6 years young and 16.2 lbs. We were told he is a doxie/pom/collie mix.  His coat is very thick, shiny and super soft.

He’s a very sweet boy.  Almost completely house trained.  Walks well on a leash.  Loves to play…he is smart and he seems to love his plush toys

IMG-0430.IMG-0435 IMG-0429

He is current on his shots, neutered , had a dental , and is micro chipped.

He is working on getting along with his housemates.  He is wonderful with people.  He is learning to get along with the cats.   And his slight food aggression is only with other dogs, so he’s working on new friendships with them.

I think he’d prefer (and thrive) being an Only Child.

He is being treated for HeartWorm disease.  This means in order to adopt him, you must be within a 1 hour radius of our vets in Palm Harbor for visits.

You must make out an application for Hamster.  His adoption fee is $250.

hammy (1)






Meet June!

She came to us as a shy, timid girl…but is slowly warming up.

But she loves to be with you and will follow you around the house.

June is a beautiful 1  1/2yr old, rust colored terrier mix.  Just shy of 13 pounds.

20170708_141941 20170708_143102 20170708_142559

She seems to be housebroken, she gets along well with other dogs and all people. She is learning to walk on a leash.

                                                                                                        June & Mr. Morgan


Super sweet girl that just needs some patience to help her overcome her trust issues.

She loves to play with toys and will chase a ball.


June is spayed, heartworm NEG, up to date on all her vaccines and medications.


Make out your application now for this sweet, beautiful girl.



Mr. Morgan/Largo

Meet Mr. Morgan!!!





morgan aug 2017vip morgan a vip morgan b

mr morgan 2017 aug

Mr Morgan is a 19 lb shih-mix boy.

Morgan is a funny little clown.

He’s 9 yrs young. He’s a playful guy that loves to play with balls and plush toys.

 He is housebroken and loves to go on walks and car rides.
He is up to date on all his meds and shots. He is micro-chipped, neutered and heartworm Neg.

He has skin allergies that are under control with daily meds and special food.

He has the ability to get along with other dogs, it takes him sometime to fit into the pack.    He also has the ability to get along with cats.

He’s an independent little guy. He can be a bit grumpy …because of this he would do best as an “only child” in the home of an experienced dog owner.  He would not fit into a household with children.


vip morgan





He’s really a great little dog….apply for Mr. Morgan today


vip morgan b




A Great Update for Mr. Morgan.  He is Ready for his new FUR-Eva home!!!  He looks and feels fabulous!!!

Mr.Morgan is an adorable little Shih-mix. A young 9 yrs old boy.  He is about 19 lbs.
He does ok with other dogs, but would be best as an only child.
He would thrive with an experienced dog owner who can keep his little personality in check.
He is housebroken and Loves his walks!

He still needs some help at the dog park learning to play well with others. And though he likes to be brushed, he’s not great with grooming.
He has a yeast infection and is still on daily meds. He will need to stay on his meds and have follow-ups with the vet to make sure this is taken care of and resolved.
He is up to date on all vaccines and shots, flea and heartworm meds (Heartworm Neg), he has had a hernia removed, neutered, micro chipped, and has had a dental.
He’s very smart and playful. A great little dog that’s come a long way!!
Apply for Mr. Morgan today!!!





Morgan is a cute, 9yrs-young, 18Lb. Shih-Mix.  The previous owner was not longer able to care for him, so they (lovingly) turned him over to VIP Rescue for the medical attention he needs and to be re-homed.

Poor Mr. Morgan has suffered with a yeast infection and that is why his skin looks like this.

20170203_114220 20170223_131328

 We are in the process of taking care of this, along with an ear infection, a dental and a hernia. 

He is neutered, micro chipped and will be updated on all his shots and vaccines soon.  He will be up to date on all his monthly meds. He is heartworm Neg!!

He will have a dental and we will remove the hernia, in time. He just needs to get a bit stronger.

Mr. Morgan does not like children. He does not like when anyone get in is face, or touches his ears…though we believe some of that may be due to the painful ear infection.

He also had a difficult time with groomers, due to a very horrible grooming in his past when they burnt him all over.

We are hoping when his medical conditions are better,  his attitude will change for the better too!

But for now, he’s a nice little guy that needs lots of medical attention and Love.

He is on some meds and this is going to take a bit of time and multiple vet visits to cure the poor guy of his problems.

He seems to be house broken.  He loves his walks and looking out the window. 


When his coat and skin get fixed, he’s going to be a gorgeous ginger colored boy.

Apply for Mr. Morgan Today!!!

Also, if you would like to help with Mr. Morgan’s  medical expenses….please hit the DONATE button on any of our pages. 

All donations are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!


 Super sweeeeeeet and sassy!

That’s Diva Marie.

Update on Mz. Diva!!!

vip diva marie


She has come a long way since first coming to VIP Rescue.  She is still working on her weight (aren’t we

She would benefit with a couple of daily walks.  This greatly helps with her housebreaking issues and she does well with the exercise.

She’s taking daily meds for her hyperthyroidism and must continue on them for life.  She is also being treated for Cushing’s.  But she eagerly takes all her meds in  tiny pieces of a Pill Pockets.

She’s up to date on all her vaccines, shots and meds.

She gets along with everyone!!!  She is just a big Love that adores belly rubs!!!

Apply for Diva Marie today!!!!



This 9yr. young girl, lives up to her name.

She is good on a leash and just loves to be with you.  She gets along with everyone and dogs too!  :-)



Update on Ms. Diva.  

This past week, she got a nice groom at Fluffy Cuts.  And a trip to the Vets.  She has bloodwork done, and the vets seem to think, other than a few things in her bloodwork, she’s doing great.  She had her dental and is on some antibiotics.  The vet seems to think these antibiotics may help with a lot of the elevated things on her tests.

She is still working on the potty training, but she is as sweet as can be!

She loves to follow you around and sleep closely with you.  

She’s beginning to get a little more playful and active, now that her ailments are being addressed and she’s feeling better. 

She’s smart and a really great dog!!!


Here she is hanging out with my dog, Rascal….LOL





She is a bit overweight and on a doggie diet.  She is currently 22 pounds and medically, she’s still working on some things.


She’s just been spayed and had some mammary tumors removed.  She still has some follow-ups with the vet so we can continue her road to full recovery :-)  And she is due for a vet’s appt. this week, as well as a day at Fluffy Cuts/Largo for “the works”! lol


Thank you to Fluffy Cuts for the clean up they could do for her at this time.

She came to us loaded with fleas, matted, and a smelly mess.  She was just neglected, poor girl.    *sigh*


You would never know anything’s bothering her now, as far as her attitude goes.

They say she’s a (big) MaltiPoo, but whatever she is, she’s just a great little dog!!!

We are working on house breaking….

She has been micro chipped, spayed had the tumors removed.  She will have a dental this week or next.

Apply for The Diva today!!

OH…and She loves belly rubs!!




Even the vet was amazed at Brody’s progress over the past month!

Look at this Adorable Boy!!

20161101_152253 20161101_151935 20161101_151859

His hypothyroidism is totally under control.  His hair has grown in Beautifully!!

And not only beautuful…but he’s a fabulous little guy!!

He listens well, he’s house trained.

Some more Great pix!

vip brody dvip brody c

vip brody b

A fun little guy who lives being with you and sleeping under the covers in bed.

He still has a little way to go with the medical issues.  And still needs his dental…but he is ready to go to a new home with a person willing to take on the little medical care he still needs.  Pills (which he takes like a Champ!!) and vet visits.

I’ve just checked on his meds.  The pills are available at Wal-Mart for $11 for 100 pills.  +3 months of his pills.  So, less than $50 a Year!!

More than reasonable & Affordable!

Apply for Brody today!!!

Brody as a puppy          :-)                                                                   Brody Chillaxing   :-)

Clearwater   brody hairy

Meet Brody now……

  brody 1     brody 2

Brody is a 10 yr old Crested-Terrier mix.  He has just been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism….That’s why he has lost his hair.

To read more about Hyperthyroidism in Dogs, Click Below:


It is not uncommon, it is not contagious, and it is not hard to treat!!  A ½ a pill a day is all it takes!!!

Brody with his favorite toys.

brody 3

Soon, he will be a very healthy hairy dog again :-)

Right now, he is in kinda rough shape.

But you would Never know anything is bothering Brody….physically or mentally.

He is a super sweet guy…that Loves to be with you, and especially, sleep with you under the covers in bed.

He gets along with other dogs very well.  He is good with people.  I think he gets along with cats!  And kids!

He’s house trained. Walks pretty well on a leash.

Just a DE-Lite!!!!

 After a trip to the vet’s yesterday, he is on a full regimen of treatments.  It will take him a little bit of time to get to be 100% again.

Do you have it in your heart to treat an ailing dog?

Are you a closeted Florence Nightingale? LOL

brody 4

Brody is Neutered, Up to Date on all his vaccines and meds, he will be micro-chipped and have a dental soon.

Apply for Brody Today!!!

He is a Wonderful dog!!!!


NIKKI Update!!


Nikki got through the vet visit with flying colors :-)  She’s about 15Lbs.  She’s been spayed, brought up to date on all her meds and vaccines, and even had a dental!

She is a super fun little girl.

Apply for Nikki today!


She’s a little FireCracker :-)

July 07

A day at the Spa, Nikki is clipped, brushed and pampered.

Tomorrow a big day at the vets to be checked out physically.




New Bichon Girl…update coming soon…after a visit to the groomer and vets!!

9 yrs old.  Doing very well on house training.  Sweet and friendly.



Apply for Nikki today!!!








Coming Soon!

Lupi (1) Lupi (2)

Young Shih Tzu female…

Check back soon for Details!!


20160614_160616 20160614_170622-1 20160614_170750-1

Peanut is a tiny 10 pounds.  Maybe middle aged at about 7 years old.

He loves being with his human.  He gets along with other dogs.

He is neutered, micro-chipped, heartworm neg., up to date on his shots and meds. and even has had a dental!

He’s doing well on house training.

He’s a sweet, fun, playful guy.

Apply for Peanut TODAY!!!!

vip peanut 5 15



At  about 10 lbs, he’s just a little Peanut!!!

He’s a 7-ish Yr old /(maybe) Doxie/(maybe) Beagle(?) mix.

He is sweet and mellow and Loves to cuddle with his human!

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1)

He seems to get along great with other dogs and seems to be housebroken.

He is neutered, micro-chipped, heartworm neg., up to date on his shots and meds. and even has had a dental!

He has a treatable skin condition (probably from a poor diet & fleas…he was found on the street).  He is getting some TLC to combat that!

He is ready to start a new life in a wonderful new home!!!

Apply for Peanut today!!



vip tanner 2vip tanner 3vip tanner

Tanner is a beautiful, soft 2 yr. old Lhasa-Shih boy. He came to us in October after surgery for a fractured elbow. In the weeks of his recuperation, he has shown a distrust for people that has resulted in some biting behavior. This has improved considerably, but he is clearly not a good candidate for a house with children. He requires the patience of an experienced dog owner.

Oh, but he is SO worth it! He is a funny little clown who gets along with all dogs and is reliably housebroken. Once you have earned his trust, you could not ask for a more loyal, silly companion.

He weighs about 20lbs., is up to date on all shots, vaccines and monthly meds (heartworm and flea prevention).  He is micro-chipped.  He is heartworm negative and he’s neutered.

Do you have the time and patience for this little guy?

Isn’t that face TOO CUTE!!!???

Apply for Tanner today if you are an experienced dog owner!!!

20151201_140058-1 20151201_140600-1 20151201_140614-1

Harry (Potter)/Clearwater

vip harry 3 10DSCN2150        vip harry 3 10 b

This Wizard of cuteness is a Yorkshire Terrier. He weighs in at about 10lbs. He is thought to be 5 or 6 years old. He will be up to date on shots and vaccines and he is heart worm negative.

2014-11-24 21.04.34

He’s very polite, getting up on furniture when invited. He listens well. He sleeps quietly in the crate at night, though can use a little nudge to get in the crate ;-)   He’s pretty quiet throughout the day.


He gets along well with other animals and is good with people. He’s just had a bath and is super shiney and silky soft.

2014-11-24 21.04.55

He came to us from owners no longer able to take care of him, after his original owner died.


He needs the slow, gentle but Firm hand of an experienced owner, He can sometimes get angry or annoyed when being told what to do….now isn’t that a typical Terrier attitude!!!?? LOL 

But that means he is Not a good fit for a home with small children!

Apply for Harry today!!





If you are  looking for a great companion Chi ! how could you say no to NACHO !!

Nacho is a 5 year young slightly chubby 15 lb love muffin !


nacho 1 

Nov 10.  I just weighed Nacho and he has lost 5+LBS and weighed in at 10LBS this AM!!!

He is current on his shots,heart worm negative and neutered ! He is current on the monthly preventions also.

This little dynamo is ready for his forever home with you ! One your wish list ? Sweet and loving , that’s Nacho !

Play Play Play is Nacho’s way!! He is great with other dogs since his previous life was in a family pack .

 AND ……..wait for it…….. HOUSE TRAINED TOO !!

Nacho is no stranger to children either ! Loves children. Don’t miss out on this super dog with a adoption donation of $50.00

Apply now !!



nacho 1A

Looking for Love ?

2014-09-03 14.01.02-1

Dreaming of my forever home !)

2014-09-03 19.45.41-1 2014-09-03 19.58.43-1


2014-09-04 17.05.08-1

On a diet .. like most of us !

2014-09-04 17.07.53

Look at my beautiful coat !


Queso  is thought to be 9 years young and right around 6 Lbs .He is a neutered and heartworm negative.  He is up to date on all shots and monthly preventions.

Queso is a little timid/shy at first, but warms up very quickly!

Queso  gets along with other dogs (he was a well-adjusted member of a pack of 5) and the owners had children and said he loves kids!!

 Queso is a Chi with a love for the outdoors .Who doesn’t Love a roll in the grass??

If you find he’s missing…take a look in your bed.  His Favorite thing is to wiggle under the covers and take a nap.

House trained, crate trained, needs a little work on a leash.

He listens Very well!

 He is a Fabulous little guy!!!

Queso is available for adoption with our Senior for Senior program . His adoption donation is a only  $50.00



2014-09-03 14.49.57-1

queso 1

2014-09-03 19.40.46 2014-09-03 19.42.19


2014-09-04 17.07.05-12014-09-04 17.07.03-1