From a number to a lovely companion friend. The harsh reality of where some dogs come to market is a puppy mill.Sadie has spent her life as a producer .. She produced puppies all her life,for the people that , simply used her making money..A Breeder GREED-ER!

 She must have really been good at it since, her tracking number is tattooed in her ear. She now is safe and has been vetted for ,most likely the first time .

Sadie is thought to be 8 years old.. Pushed to the max of producing age . She is 12.4 lbs. He is thought to be a bichon- poodle . She now rests comfortably , warm, well feed and wanting to be someones best friend .. She is recovering from being spayed and had a dental.. She is micro chipped and on heartworm prevention . She has been dewormed and her ear infection also treated ..

Breeder GREED-ERS  can really make a profit if the don’t bother with medical attention.

You , however can make a positive difference , by adopting and not shopping .Donations are very much welcomed for help with Sadie’s medical bill.

To welcome Sadie to your hear and home , please submit your application !

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