Joseph/Palm Harbor

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Yes you are right !
I am one good looking poodle  !
I am also very smart and allot of fun too . I am all about fun and love to play .My vision for a forever life would be you and me and lots of toys.  Sure I am not perfect but but being blind not not stop me !! Don’t let my vision issue stop you from seeing the value of a dynamic companion pet . Would you believe I live in a second floor apartment ! The world for me is found in my nose,It  possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in people. I told you I was smart !.
I like people , kids and dogs. I am good on a leash and love my walk time with my foster family.
I am in great health at 9 years young and I a about 17 lbs of perfection. I have had all those shots , micro chipped neutered and on heartworm prevention.
Let’s meet up and toss a toy and you will find I am just what you were seeking !


  1. Hello, I am interested in adopting this pup. Please let me know if he os still available as well as more info about him.

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