Cirrus/Palm Harbor

Cirrus was advertised on Craigs list as a Yorkie male, free.  A VIP rescue representative called me and asked it I could help with him for a few days until she was able to take over.   I picked up Cirrus at Tampa Bay Aviation and brought him home.   Owner acknowledged that he had some vision issues but brought all of his vet records from his purchase at a pet store over 7 years ago.He does have vision issues so stairs and pool need to be off limits

He is an adorable 12 lb   ,7 1/2 year old yorkie , sadly vision impaired . He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heart worm prevention.VIP Rescue had the 2 lb mass removed, and he now has made a remarkable recovery.

Cirrus is Mr Personality ! and simply a pleasure to be around. He is housetrained,good on a leash,loves, humans and other dogs and is a velcro companion. He would love to be your buddy ! He enjoys car rides and is crate trained.

He is a small dog with a big dog personality.  He does not whine, yap or demand attention. He sleeps thru the night after a 7 to 8 pm short walk.

To welcome Cirrus to your heart and home please submit your application

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