Charlie Brown is looking for a new home!  He is a black 4 year old F1B Labradoodle weighing in at 65 lbs.  He is microchipped, current on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered, and housetrained when left for a reasonable time.  He is dog friendly, he shows no interest in other dogs.  He has a one track mind…..and that is the ball and flying in the air catching it.  He is so much fun!  He also likes water, and we are working on him swimming; he can swim just not with confidence!  He gives kisses, hugs, and is tolerant of grooming.  His energy level is off the charts so we do not recommend small children because he does not know boundaries.  When excited, he can pull on a lead with great force and can take an adult down, so he needs some obedience work.  Once his excitement comes down, he will walk on lead fine.

He knows sit, down, and some basic commands.  He rides in a car, but will bounce around while moving if allowed.  He gets so excited he cannot contain it.  He is a counter surfer and nothing is safe at any level……which is typical of the breed.  He appears in good health, a little thin but we are working on that and his ears are healing.  He has some spots that are healing due to neglect and a grooming accident that happened before he came to us.

Charlie Brown needs a large fenced yard to burn his energy playing ball 3-4-5 times a day. Ideally he would have a stay at home mom or dad and spend little time home alone.  He accepts being crated, but not for long periods.  He can be a handful due to his energy, so an experienced large puppy/dog owner is preferred.   He is extremely smart, learns quickly, and is a lot of fun.  We recommend whomever adopts him that they enroll him in basic obedience.  This will form a greater bond and create a more manageable dog when he has his crazies!

You can’t help but just love him to pieces; he is irresistable.  He requires frequent grooming and that should be factored into your decision.  Because he is part Labrador Retreiver, he is not hypoallergenic.  However, he does not appear to shed.  He requires monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives.  He eats like a horse!

If you would like to know more about Charlie Brown, please submit an adoption application.  One of our volunteers will call you and discuss your application and answer questions about Charlie Brown and our adoption process.

Charlie Brown’s adoption donation is $450.  $100 will be refunded at which time obedience training is completed and proof is provided to VIP Rescue.  Charlie Brown is located in Leesburg, FL.  We do not allow out of state adoptions.

Thank you for thinking rescue!

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