Through tear filled eyes , I share the story of Chance.


He arrived with that familiar stench of a urine soaked matted coat .He is friendly and fun DESPITE  the cruelty he barely survived . He was gently cleaned up by our friends at the Hairy Hound in Clearwater . Not as a surprise, the groomer said , “he seems to be urinating ” with out being aware of the issue . By the time I was arriving at the vet , he was pooping with out noticing .

We completed the usual vetting practices of shots, heartworm test , neutering and micro chipping .  I took him home to rest . After reading the shelter vet notes , there were lots of things that I needed translated to words , that made sense to me .

Very apparent was , he is incontinent . I took him back to my favorite vet , for a consultation . The Dr . studied the shelter vet’s notes , took a deep breath and said something like .. the fact is  Chance  being alive and walking is simply a miracle.If medicine  had a cure for spinal injuries , like the one Chance had , many humans  would be out of the wheel chairs.  He was paralyzed , back in Dec, and typically with an injury like this whatever improvements happen in 3 months is the best it will get  The is not really a total fix available .  We discussed cold laser therapy , and that might help , but it is the only available option . I will add the 12 sessions into his recovery!


Chance has no feeling in his tail or anus right up to the bump you see in his back , as you can see on the photos .Of course that would effect his bodily functions. He has full range of motion in his hind legs .


Frankly , there are times when you should have never asked a question. I have been haunted by the answer ever since.


How did he get injured like that? Briefly , Dr hesitated, obviously , thinking how to “kindly” tell me .” Most injuries like this in dogs is because , someone grabbed his tail here ( indicating at the base) and again here. (indicating closer to the end of the tail.  Shook him, spun him around like a rag doll.” Creating the damage to his spine and nerves.         My throat closed ,my eye filled with tears . speechless ..


The horror movie that ran in my head at that time, is now a new seed of compassion and anger simultaneously.That injury was a direct result of a raw , vicious criminal act

,left unpunished. I am sure the creep is still loose . What or who will be his next victim?


Chance will never wag his tail, but his little personality will put a smile on your face .


Chance is a super cute, lasha/yorkie mix. He is 12 lbs and thought to be just 3 years young . He is current on his shots, neutered , micro-chipped and on heartworm prevention.

He runs and plays and  keeps up with all the other dogs .. He loves to play fetch and is good on a leash . Funny thing is , he is house trained . But none the less he leaks and has an occasional surprise poop.

We are praying for some good results with the cold laser therapy .

We would appreciate any donations toward his care .

Chance has been grossly let down by a human already , will you be the one to give him a CHANCE !

Please submit your application !



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