Casper is a very loving Doodle we think, or quite possibly a Standard Poodle.  He weighs about 60 lbs.  Casper is fostered in Port St. Lucie.  Casper was taken to the shelter and dropped off by a family along with their other dogs to be euthanized.  We have little to no information about his past.  We are guessing him to be an adult.  Casper is bouncy and has endless energy to play!  Since coming to VIP Rescue, Casper has been enjoying life at his new foster home and his tail has not stopped wagging!  He gets along well with other dogs he has met and those he is living with.  He has lots of energy to burn, and he likes to play – jump – and bounce around.  He needs a good sized fenced yard to romp and run, and a home with lots of energy to entertain him outside playing ball, fetching,  running, and leash walking.  He requires quality nutrition – he is being fed raw presently and is thriving.   Casper requires frequent grooming.  He is very sweet, very affectionate, he loves people, he is a velcro dog, and is gentle taking treats.  He knows commands and obeys most of the time.  He is too energetic to live with small children as he might knock them down when stimulated. Casper  walks well on a leash and thoroughly enjoys his walks.  Casper is a counter surfer, however stops when corrected.  He is looking for an active  home where he is not left for 8-10 hours a day.  Preferably Casper would do best with a work from home family or a retiree that is home most of the time.  Casper is crated after he eats to ensure he has ample time to digest his food before playing.  Casper is crated for sleep, and crated when his foster family is not home.  Casper came in with a foot injury and terrible ear infections.  We have made great strides at these healing in his foster home.  Casper is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm negative, and current on his preventatives.  Casper does have a cataract, however, he is able to see well to catch and retrieve balls with no problem.

This boy will be a delight for those who enjoy hiking, running, walking, and playing with their dog.   He wants nothing more than to spend his time with humans……and is full of happy bouncing joy!  He has a big heart, he is a lover, and he loves to put his head in your lap and cuddle with you.  A large fenced yard is a must for this boy.  Help us find Casper to find a home that needs to be filled with a bundle of bouncing joy that needs some love from Casper!

Caspers adoption donation is $250.  If you are interested in Casper, you must complete an adoption application.  Once submitted our volunteers will contact you to determine if Casper might be a match for you.  You must be able to travel to Port St. Lucie to meet Casper.



Meet Aaron again. The fix is in!
I’ve been in my foster home for a few days now and I’m not so spicy anymore. I’m housebroken, I know a few basic commands now and I get in the car no problem, still working on getting out, but I did it a few times already. Once I warm up to you, I really am a sweet boy and very smart according to my foster Mom. I love playing with squeaky toys and love going for walks. I’m learning that human touch with love and patience is a good thing and I think I really like it. I’m around 19lbs, 4 years old Lasha/poodle mix of beautiful, blonde reddish coat. Current on shots, micro chipped, neutered, on heart worm prevention and had a dental. In rescue we frequently wonder what negative human behavior contributed to make this dog act in certain ways. But we also know with love, kindness and patience most of these issues fade or go away completely.
Aaron is good with other dogs, and good on a leash. He does not like crates, but he doesn’t really need one. He is very receptive to learning but will need a strong, disciplined pack leader, who will continue with his obedience training classes.  He will require an experienced pet parent. He will need an experienced groomer also. Once he trusts you, he will be by your side always.  To welcome Aaron into your heart and home, please submit your application. Visit

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Toby /Largo

Toby is thought to be a 16.5 lb , 8 years young poodle mix. He is current on his shots,micro chipped, neutered, on heartworm prevention and has had a dental.

Toby is Mr. Sweetness. His gentle nature makes him a great fit for most households. His housetraining is not perfect yet, but that will easily come with time. Toby is a low energy pooch with a heart full of love. He is good with other dogs and ok on a leash too.

To welcome Toby to your heart and home , you need to submit your application

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Raven/ Clearwater

My name is Raven AND , I am a BRAT .. That’s right I said that out loud.  My name is Raven and I am also darling . I am 9 months old and up till now , I thought I made the rules . I am about 14 lbs and most likely a Scottish terrier mix. ( special note, terrier , ‘nough said)
 I am current on my shots, neutered, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.
I have that “go pee pee” out side down pat , but I don’t like new people coming into my new sanctuary . I am also not crazy about that car ride thing . Other than that , I am an angel . I am good with other dogs too !
My foster mom says I am one of those 48 hour dogs .YEP , It will take me that long to figure you out and find a way to trust you . You will need to love me for my good looks to start with . So pack your patience and we can be besties !My foster mom says , I can’t go by by unless you are willing to take me to obedience school . She’s tough like that !
If you want to meet , you need to submit your application !
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Mambo was a victim of EXTREME NEGLECT ! He arrived a few weeks back ,  as a  “FIXER UPPER”

His road to recovery started with the removal of 3 tumors. We waited with baited breath for the results of the biopsy. We celebrated , the news was good.

In the mean time, we addressed the massive ear infections  , one ear most likely will result in Lateral Ear Canal Resection surgery Currently he is on antibiotics, steroids and 2 daily ear cleaning with medicated wash ,and a follow up if ointment. It is allot of work for the volunteers. To round out Mambo’s malodies, add in a touch of arthritis and dry eye.

 With so much working against him, his sparkling personality prevails. He is goofy  and fun ! Simply a delight to be around. He is thought to be 7 years young and 23 lbs of love . He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered, had a dental and on heartworm prevention.

Any donations , you could give ,would be greatly appreciated.

To welcome Mambo to your heart and home , kindly submit your application.

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Tommy thought to be a 2-3 year old male Chihuahua.  He is good with other smaller dogs, but may not get along with larger dogs.  He loves his stuffed toys and would benefit from a strong master.  Good on leash, he loves to walk.  Tommy is current on all shots,neutered  on heartworm and flea protection, and is micro chipped. Tommy can be selective , when it comes to the human company he keeps.

To welcome Tommy to your heart and home please submit your application !

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Bach is a victim of special neglect. Bach is a very thin 8.5 lb ,most likely 8 years young toy poodle. He is currently being treated for an angry liver( to put it simply) and for heartworm disease. He is current on his shots , micro chipped and has had a dental. His neuter is on hold while we address the other health issues he has, so we have a opportunity for a successful out come .
Please join us in prayer for successful treatments and if you would like to donate for his medical bills , we would be grateful. Watch for updates on Bach. Thanks to Mary at Reef dog grooming in Gulfport for your very special handling of this delicate soul !

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Solara /Clearwater

Solara is a darling  member of the”What is that breed club?” She is a tiny 8 lbs 7 year old and  most likely terrier /long hair chi. She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed, had a dental,  and is on heartworm prevention . She has a sweet personality , but reacts fearfully to men. She is good with other dogs and loves to hang out with you on the couch.

She is waiting for your application , so you can meet !

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Hi my name is pupi I am a very happy little 12 year old  shih tzu boy who loves to be near my foster mom all the time. When I came to rescue  I needed some TLC. I had some teeth that needed looked at so I had a dental done, I feel so much better I had I ha some extractions. I also have dry eye which I get eye medicine for. I am great with housetraining, walk well on a leash, up to date on my shots,neutered & microchipped & weigh 14 lbs. I get very excited when we go for car rides I love to feel the wind on my face.  I really don’t care we are going just like going. I am not real big on playing with toys. I get along well with other dogs & enjoy when people come to visit me, I can’t get enough loving. I try to help my foster mom cook in hopes she might drop something. If you want a dog that loves & wants to be with you all the time I am available to pack my bags & move in with you!

please submit your application.

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Jolly 1
Jolly is approximately 10-12 years old.  He completely blind but finds his crate after eating and walking around a little.  He sleeps ALOT, but does like to be in your lap. He is up to date on shots, microchipped, neutered and has had dental, at which time he lost most of his teeth.    I’m so grateful that VIP Rescue saw past my age, my blindness and gave me a chance to know that human touch feels good, a dry warm bed is so nice to sleep in and food every day twice a day. My past was really horrific. Earn your badge of honor by adopting a Senior dog.  Sure no one knows how much time I have left, but just a chance to be loved and safe is all I ask for.  There are several seniors on our site, so if I’m not your forever senior please go to and check us out.  The best love, is the love of a senior dog.

To welcome Jolly to your heart and home please submit your application !

Thanks to Karen at the Mutt Hut for the fresh groom !

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Eliza Doolittle has lived up to her name. This beautiful girl now barks at visitors at the door, tries to play with other dogs and just wants to be a member of a family who will love her and whom she can love with all of her big heart. She still needs to put on weight, but what lady doesn’t like to hear the words “Time for a treat”?’ Her medical notes say she’s a roughly 12-year-old, apricot, miniature poodle who needs a dental and a spay and who has a heart murmur. What they don’t say is that she’s beautiful, she’s feisty, she loves to walk, be petted and sit on laps, she travels well in a car and  is quiet when she needs to be, yet playful when she’s encouraged. And the biggest and best thing they don’t say: She’s as sweet as she is beautiful – maybe even sweeter. She is current on her shots , micro chipped, heartworm negative, and spayed.


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