Nano is thought to be 8 years young ,14 lbs and most likely a shih tzu mix . This little charmer is current on his shots ,micto chipped, neutered, on heartworm prevention and had a dental. Like most shih tzu he has dry eye which simply means , a few eye drops and he is just fine.. He is good with other dogs . Good on a leash and isn’t needy.

To welcome Nano to your heart and home you must submit your application.

Thanks to the Hairy Hound in Clearwater for the fresh groom !

vip nano 11 16 Vip nana 11 16 b vip nano c vip nano b

Shawn /Clearwater

Shawn is thought to be a 10 lb, 4 year old maltese poodle mix. He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped , on heartworm prevention and had a dental. He is reserve , and has the potential be be a great lap sitter and couch potato.

To welcome Shawn to your heart and home you must submit your application !

vip shawn


VIp frost a VIp frost c VIP Frost b vip frost d

Frost is a very shy and  timid 4 year old 13 lb chi. She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed and on heartworm prevention. She is afraid of everything , but is working on being brave. A slow approach is the way to gain her trust . She wants to be friends , she just needs some coaching. !

She is good with other dogs To welcome Frost to your heart and home please submit your application !

vip frost b vip frost a vip frost c


vip wawa 11 21 b vip wawa 11 21 c vip wawa 11 21 d VIP wawa beads vip wawa 11 21 a

WaWA is a WOW WOW .She is thought to be a Chinese crested Hairless of 18 lb and 6 years young ! Miss personality loves her human and shadows them. She enjoys perching on the top of couch , to be on top of the world now , safely in rescue


She is current on her shots, spayed, micro chipped and on heartworm prevention. WaWa gets an A+ on house training and likes to keep busy.

To welcome this rare breed to your heart and home , please submit your application

vip wa wa vip wa wa d vip wawa


Rocker’s journey to safety has been a long one .Found as a stray , during the California wild fires, on hold waiting for his family to reclaim him, no one showed up for him  ! Rocker is thought to be a 5 year old Havanese mix. A thin 11 lbs. He is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped, and on heartworm prevention.

Rocker is a sweet gentle boy that is good with other dogs , good on a leash , and loves humans .

To welcome Rocker to your heart and home , you must submit your application!

vip rocker c vip rocker vip rocker b vip rocker

Solara /Clearwater

Solara is a darling  member of the”What is that breed club?” She is a tiny 8 lbs 7 year old and  most likely terrier /long hair chi. She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed, had a dental,  and is on heartworm prevention . She has a sweet personality , but reacts fearfully to men. She is good with other dogs and loves to hang out with you on the couch.

She is waiting for your application , so you can meet !

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hamburger Mary's 12.3


December 3 at 7:30PM in Clearwater


Prizes and 50/50

Make Your Reservation Today!

Call 727-400-6996


Hi my name is pupi I am a very happy little 12 year old  shih tzu boy who loves to be near my foster mom all the time. When I came to rescue  I needed some TLC. I had some teeth that needed looked at so I had a dental done, I feel so much better I had I ha some extractions. I also have dry eye which I get eye medicine for. I am great with housetraining, walk well on a leash, up to date on my shots,neutered & microchipped & weigh 14 lbs. I get very excited when we go for car rides I love to feel the wind on my face.  I really don’t care we are going just like going. I am not real big on playing with toys. I get along well with other dogs & enjoy when people come to visit me, I can’t get enough loving. I try to help my foster mom cook in hopes she might drop something. If you want a dog that loves & wants to be with you all the time I am available to pack my bags & move in with you!

please submit your application.

vip pupi b vip pupi a vip pupi


Mr. Morgan/Largo

Meet Mr. Morgan!!!

morgan aug 2017vip morgan a vip morgan b

mr morgan 2017 aug

Mr Morgan is a 19 lb shih-mix boy.

Morgan is a funny little clown.

He’s 9 yrs young. He’s a playful guy that loves to play with balls and plush toys.

 He is housebroken and loves to go on walks and car rides.
He is up to date on all his meds and shots. He is micro-chipped, neutered and heartworm Neg.

He has skin allergies that are under control with daily meds and special food.

He has the ability to get along with other dogs, it takes him sometime to fit into the pack.    He also has the ability to get along with cats.

He’s an independent little guy. He can be a bit grumpy …because of this he would do best as an “only child” in the home of an experienced dog owner.  He would not fit into a household with children.


vip morgan





He’s really a great little dog….apply for Mr. Morgan today


vip morgan b




A Great Update for Mr. Morgan.  He is Ready for his new FUR-Eva home!!!  He looks and feels fabulous!!!

Mr.Morgan is an adorable little Shih-mix. A young 9 yrs old boy.  He is about 19 lbs.
He does ok with other dogs, but would be best as an only child.
He would thrive with an experienced dog owner who can keep his little personality in check.
He is housebroken and Loves his walks!

He still needs some help at the dog park learning to play well with others. And though he likes to be brushed, he’s not great with grooming.
He has a yeast infection and is still on daily meds. He will need to stay on his meds and have follow-ups with the vet to make sure this is taken care of and resolved.
He is up to date on all vaccines and shots, flea and heartworm meds (Heartworm Neg), he has had a hernia removed, neutered, micro chipped, and has had a dental.
He’s very smart and playful. A great little dog that’s come a long way!!
Apply for Mr. Morgan today!!!





Morgan is a cute, 9yrs-young, 18Lb. Shih-Mix.  The previous owner was not longer able to care for him, so they (lovingly) turned him over to VIP Rescue for the medical attention he needs and to be re-homed.

Poor Mr. Morgan has suffered with a yeast infection and that is why his skin looks like this.

20170203_114220 20170223_131328

 We are in the process of taking care of this, along with an ear infection, a dental and a hernia. 

He is neutered, micro chipped and will be updated on all his shots and vaccines soon.  He will be up to date on all his monthly meds. He is heartworm Neg!!

He will have a dental and we will remove the hernia, in time. He just needs to get a bit stronger.

Mr. Morgan does not like children. He does not like when anyone get in is face, or touches his ears…though we believe some of that may be due to the painful ear infection.

He also had a difficult time with groomers, due to a very horrible grooming in his past when they burnt him all over.

We are hoping when his medical conditions are better,  his attitude will change for the better too!

But for now, he’s a nice little guy that needs lots of medical attention and Love.

He is on some meds and this is going to take a bit of time and multiple vet visits to cure the poor guy of his problems.

He seems to be house broken.  He loves his walks and looking out the window. 


When his coat and skin get fixed, he’s going to be a gorgeous ginger colored boy.

Apply for Mr. Morgan Today!!!

Also, if you would like to help with Mr. Morgan’s  medical expenses….please hit the DONATE button on any of our pages. 

All donations are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!



Jolly 1
Jolly is approximately 10-12 years old.  He completely blind but finds his crate after eating and walking around a little.  He sleeps ALOT, but does like to be in your lap. He is up to date on shots, microchipped, neutered and has had dental, at which time he lost most of his teeth.    I’m so grateful that VIP Rescue saw past my age, my blindness and gave me a chance to know that human touch feels good, a dry warm bed is so nice to sleep in and food every day twice a day. My past was really horrific. Earn your badge of honor by adopting a Senior dog.  Sure no one knows how much time I have left, but just a chance to be loved and safe is all I ask for.  There are several seniors on our site, so if I’m not your forever senior please go to and check us out.  The best love, is the love of a senior dog.

To welcome Jolly to your heart and home please submit your application !

Thanks to Karen at the Mutt Hut for the fresh groom !

vip jolly after b vip jolly after vip jolly before





Eliza Doolittle has lived up to her name. This beautiful girl now barks at visitors at the door, tries to play with other dogs and just wants to be a member of a family who will love her and whom she can love with all of her big heart. She still needs to put on weight, but what lady doesn’t like to hear the words “Time for a treat”?’ Her medical notes say she’s a roughly 12-year-old, apricot, miniature poodle who needs a dental and a spay and who has a heart murmur. What they don’t say is that she’s beautiful, she’s feisty, she loves to walk, be petted and sit on laps, she travels well in a car and  is quiet when she needs to be, yet playful when she’s encouraged. And the biggest and best thing they don’t say: She’s as sweet as she is beautiful – maybe even sweeter. She is current on her shots , micro chipped, heartworm negative, and spayed.


vip eliza 5 15