Eleanor Rigby /Clearwater

all the lonely puppies where do they all come from ?

all the lonely doggies , where do they all come from ?

Eleanor Rigby picks up the scraps , where a wedding has been

What a horrible dream !

waits by the tracks , sleeps on the floor

Who is it for ?

All the lonely puppies , where do they all come from

All the lonely doggies , where do they all come from?

a volunteer writes the words to a sermon , no one wants to hear .

Although the message is clear ,

Look at them working ,caring lots ,

in the night, when there is no body there,

yes, she does care

All the lonely puppies , where do they all come from ?

All the lonely doggies , where do they all come from ?

Many died , and were buried with out a name .

Not enough came!

a volunteer , wiping the tears
From her eyes, as she walks from the grave


All the lonely puppies , where do they all come from ?

All the lonely doggies , where do they all come from ?

Eleanor Rigby made a dramatic entry to rescue early Dec 2017 .

The next day , Pearl Harbor day , she delivered 7 healthy puppies with an assist , from , just another faceless for the voiceless volunteer .Her pups are all doing well , already had their 8 week shots , and will be altered next week for their debut ,

Mean while , Eleanor has more battles , to take on . She is also heartworm positve . Both her pregnancy and her heartworm disease ,could have easily be prevented .

She is current on her shots , she will soon be started on heartworm treatment , be spayed ,and micro chipped ,

She it thought to be a 2 year old  24 lb schnauzer mix .

We are accepting applications for a deligent , loving family , with in a short drive  to our vet in Palm Harbor.

She will have a number to time sensitive , can not miss appointments ,

To welcome Eleanor Rigby , to your heart and home , you must submit your application.

vip eleanor rigsby vip eleanor rigby


Tiana/ Clearwater

Tiana is 3 years young and 29 lbs and thought to be .. wait for it … we really don’t know ! Most likely a terrier mix . She is full grown at 3 years. This is where you get to play pet detective too.. The biggest clue , is her giant plum as a tail.. Because of her previous neglect , Tiana had to have the matted mess of a coat shaved off .

So she is looking for a fresh start in 2 ways! A loving family , that will love her for who she is and a fresh start of a shiny new coat of textured   locks .Tiana is current on her shots , micro chipped spayed ,and on heartworm prevention. She is smart, super sweet , loves humans and dogs , and would be a great candidate for a family with kids ..

To Welcome Tiana to your heart and home , you must submit your application .

vip tiana vip tiana c vip tiana tail vip tiana vip tiana b


Nano is thought to be 8 years young ,14 lbs and most likely a shih tzu mix . This little charmer is current on his shots ,micto chipped, neutered, on heartworm prevention and had a dental. Like most shih tzu he has dry eye which simply means , a few eye drops and he is just fine.. He is good with other dogs . Good on a leash and isn’t needy.

To welcome Nano to your heart and home you must submit your application.

Thanks to the Hairy Hound in Clearwater for the fresh groom !

vip nano 11 16 Vip nana 11 16 b vip nano c vip nano b


simply scared .. running loose , on his own , trapped in a cage , sentenced to death for fighting  the humane trying to leash him ………………. It is a new day for Ewok ! If you were 6.7 lbs the world would be scary too ! We reset his expiration date , to somewhere in the distant future.  He is thought to be a 4 year old terrier mix . He is now current on his shots , micro chipped , neutered and on heartworm prevention. He is timid , scared and most likely a good candidate for a very quite forever home . To welcome Ewok to your heart and home please submit your application .Thanks to Mary O’Malley at Reef Dog grooming in Gulfport for the kind touch and professional grooming

vip ewok 1 vip ewok 2 vip ewok 3




OSCAR is a handsome male Labradoodle born in 2009.  He weighs 68 pounds, and is a healthy happy active boy.  Oscar’s family is no longer able to accommodate his size and have asked us to find him a new loving home.  Oscar is very active, and loves to run, play, and cuddle.   Oscar needs a family with a fenced yard to romp with and hopefully another like size dog to play with him.  He gets along with most dogs we have introduced him to.  His favorite pastime is chasing little lizards.  He loves water.  He can busy himself for long periods in pursuit.  He loves to sit next to you on the sofa, and he loves to sit on your feet!  He loves affection.  He has been thru basic training and knows his commands and with an experienced handler he is compliant.  However, he needs continual reinforcement.  He has not been crated in his current home and has not been destructive inside the home.

Oscar is current on his vaccinations, current on preventatives, heart worm negative, neutered and his teeth are scheduled to be cleaned.  Due to his condition coming to rescue we had to shave him down however we have provided photos of what he will look like when his hair is grown out.  He is a big fluffy curly non-shedding guy!  He eats Fromm Gold dog food.    We are able to adopt to Florida Residents only.  Oscar requires frequent brushing and monthly grooming.  His coat is very curly like that of a Standard Poodle.  His adoption donation is $250.





Mr B / Clearwater

Mr B is a 5 year old 14 lb yorkie .He is current on his shots,neutered,micro chipped and on heartworm prevention.He is a happy little guy that is mostly housetrained. Sadly his Dad died, and mom is now dealing with chemo. She felt it in his best interest to rehome him now,He appears to be good with other dogs and has a tolerance for children. We were advised he didn’t play much , but his behavior here is a spirited terrier  and most likely planning mischief !!

To welcome Mr b to your heart and home please submit your application

vip mr b vip mr b 2


IMG_2019 IMG_2018

Hi I’m Cody but my foster mom calls me Cody bear cause I look like a walking teddy bear. I am a Shihtzu/Pom mix and 6 years old. I’m sweet funny and so darn cute. I’m overweight at 16 pounds cause my previous owner thought you showed love by feeding. I’m mostly housebroken.  Up to date on my shots, neutered and micro chipped and  HW negative. I’m getting a good grooming tomorrow. I get along with my foster pack but it took a little while to warm up. I was adored by my Dad but he passed away. I’m very loving. I’m learning to walk good on a leash. I would like to have a playmate but I would be ok as an only if my owner gives me lots of attention. If you think I’ll fit in your family please go to Viprescue.org and fill out an application.

Phyllis/Palm Harbor

Phyllis is thought to be 7 lb ,2 year old yorkie mix . She is spayed, current on her shots, micro chipped and being treated for heartworm. She is super sweet , loves humans and great with other dogs. We are accepting application for her only from Pinellas county where she is having her heartworm treatment. You must be able to get her to her time sensitive  appointments ,. To welcome Phyllis to your heart and home , please submit your application !

Thanks to Fluff Cuts for the refreshing bath !

vip phyllis a vip phyllis b