Casper is a very loving Doodle we think, or quite possibly a Standard Poodle.  He weighs about 60 lbs.  Casper is fostered in Leesburg, FL.  Casper was taken to the shelter and dropped off by a family along with their other dogs to be euthanized.  We have little to no information about his past.  We are guessing him to be an adult.  Casper is bouncy and has endless energy to play!  Since coming to VIP Rescue, Casper has been enjoying life at his new foster home and his tail has not stopped wagging!  He gets along well with other dogs he has met and those he is living with.  He has lots of energy to burn, and he likes to play – jump – and bounce around.  He needs a good sized fenced yard to romp and run, and a home with lots of energy to entertain him outside playing ball, fetching,  running, and leash walking.  He requires quality nutrition – he is being fed raw presently and is thriving.   Casper requires frequent grooming.  He is very sweet, very affectionate, he loves people, he is a velcro dog, and is gentle taking treats.  He knows commands and obeys most of the time.  He is too energetic to live with small children as he might knock them down when stimulated. Casper  walks well on a leash and thoroughly enjoys his walks.  Casper is a counter surfer, however stops when corrected.  He is looking for an active  home where he is not left for 8-10 hours a day.  Preferably Casper would do best with a work from home family or a retiree that is home most of the time.  Casper is crated after he eats to ensure he has ample time to digest his food before playing.  Casper is crated for sleep, and crated when his foster family is not home.  Casper came in with a foot injury and terrible ear infections.  We have made great strides at these healing in his foster home.  Casper is neutered, vaccinated, heart worm negative, and current on his preventatives.  Casper does have a cataract, however, he is able to see well to catch and retrieve balls with no problem.

This boy will be a delight for those who enjoy hiking, running, walking, and playing with their dog.   He wants nothing more than to spend his time with humans……and is full of happy bouncing joy!  He has a big heart, he is a lover, and he loves to put his head in your lap and cuddle with you.  A large fenced yard is a must for this boy.  Help us find Casper to find a home that needs to be filled with a bundle of bouncing joy that needs some love from Casper!

Caspers adoption donation is $250.  If you are interested in Casper, you must complete an adoption application.  Once submitted our volunteers will contact you to determine if Casper might be a match for you.  You must be able to travel to Leesburg to meet Casper.

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