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vip lyle d

Lyle is thought to be, well maybe, could be, OK let's face it we don't know … [Read More...]

vip blair

Blair is a purebreed cutie pie ! Not really sure of her breed  blend , … [Read More...]

vip sert 9 29

Serta is thought to be about 2 years young and 16 lbs. He is most likely a … [Read More...]

vip guy 9 22 a

Guy has made great progress , since his arrival to rescue. He still is a … [Read More...]

vip bobby 9 22 b

Bobby is a self contained PARTY  He would be the one with the lamp shade … [Read More...]

vip pinky 4

Pinky is thought to be a 2 year old maltese. She is about 8 lbs . Pinky is … [Read More...]

Vip janeway

Meet Janey... Janey is a sweet,shy little girl who warms up quickly in … [Read More...]

Vip intrepdi 818 3

Intrepid is thought to be a shih tzu/ lasha mix. This handsome boy is 18 … [Read More...]

vip dena 8 29

Dena is thought to be 6 years young and a sturdy 17 lbs. She is thought to … [Read More...]

vip cosmo pink

Luckypoo is thought to be 6 years young and about 11 lbs of "to Cute". The … [Read More...]

vip lola b

Lola is 9 lbs of poodle darling . We were told by the shelter that she is … [Read More...]


Jay is a mixed breed of all cuteness. Jay is 6 months old. He will be age … [Read More...]