Sherwood is thought to be a poodle mix! He is 10 lbs of  silly ! He is thought to be 4 to 5 years young and wouldn’t be surprised if he were not younger! This little guy is happy, energetic and great with kids and other dogs.  He is highly intelligent, listens and responds to basic commands…could easily be trained to do much more. Sherwood loves going for long walks, running around in the yard and pet parks.  He is current on his shots, neutered and heartworm negative and appears to be house trained. He is gentle, smart and super sweet. Apply now !






Annie /Clearwater

Meet Annie !
She is thought to be a 6 year old  9 lb yorkie mix. She is current on her shots micro chipped , spayed and heartworm negative. She would be best served in a home that would help her with her weight.She could stand to lose a pound or two  She likes to walk and loves to play with toys that squeak . Annie is a lover. She is a willing lap dog . She does not like to be crated, which is fine, because she is PERFECTLY house trained and very quiet.she has a gentle paw reach to get you to pet her.. Very Very cute . She has been known to sing too !
Apply now


Annie B/ Clearwater


Annie B is thought to be a 5 year old spayed doxie-poo. She is 12 lbs of love, happiness, peace and joy. She has a magic tail that wags with the sound of a soft female voice. Annie loves all people, especially children, other dogs her size and cats. She can be a fearful of large dogs, perhaps the cause of her injury. She loves car rides, going for walks, running in the yard and park. She is energetic, yet loves to curl up on the sofa and especially getting her belly rubbed. She is crate trained, current on her shots, microchipped, spayed and heartworm negative. Her golden red curly locks are delightful to the touch! Annie B has had her eye surgery and is as cute as a button…ready for her forever home !




Evan is a 2 year old , 9 lb yorkie something .He is neutered and current on his shots. Evan is happy, silly. fearless, playful,smart  and friendly. He loves everyone ! Evan appears to be housetrained. He was surrendered to a kill shelter, because his owner lost their housing.
A yorkie has shorter legs than Evan .. His coat is course not silky. Evan has a long bushy tail.He does have other  yorkie similarities He could stand to gain some weight. Evan is a busy boy and very very quick. He would like a fenced yard to wander and chase lizards.



Nick/ Clearwater


MEET NICK! He was saved just in the NICK of TIME by VIP RESCUE!!! Nick is about a 3 year old maltese yorkie – Morkie! He weighs in at a 7lbs. He is house trained and just loves to be held. Nick warms up to women quickly; it takes a little longer with men. He is okay with other dogs that do not pester him continuously and likes to play with others; he is a very calm puppy and just loves to cuddle. Nick is okay with children. Nick will give kisses within minutes of meeting a stranger; he wraps himself around your heart and is perfectly content! Nick likes to bark at strangers; he thinks he is Nick in charge. He then makes friends easily. Nick is  neutered tly, is up to date on all of his vaccinations. Apply for Nick Now!

Gumby/St Petersburg

Gumby is thought to be a  Maltese mix. Found wandering, completely matted and starving. How could this happen to such a lovely companion pet !
Gumby is a boney 13.5 lbs. He is current on his shots ,neutered and heartworm negative. He has some eye clouding, but not vision impaired. He is housetrained, loves dogs and cats and people too .He will need a dental, and we are reaching out to you to donate, any amount to cover this extra expense. Please visit our PayPal donation button on our site .
We are accepting applications , now for your next BFF.

Yum Yum /Clearwater

Yum Yum is a 10 week old morkie female. She has had all vetting that can be done at that age. She is a confidant spunky treasure.She is a handful and just a handful , weighting less than 3 lbs. Apply right now

Scarlet /Largo

Hi Y’all,  my name is Scarlet. . I’m a sweet little girl about 2 months old and I weigh about 7 pounds soak and wet. I am Up to date on all my shots. I was abandoned by my mommy and daddy and I don’t know what to do. I’m way to young to feel lost and alone. I need to be adopted into a good home so we can be a family together. I’m a Southern Belle from Mississippi so you know I’m as sweet as pie. There is one problem though. I guess I was the strongest of the litter because I have a couple of challenges to deal with. I don’t feel disadvantaged or unfortunate because the big Dog Spirit in the sky knew I could handle my problem. You see, my eyes don’t see real good the like other pooches and I miss a few words here and there ’cause I don’t hear as well either. But what I do have is a big heart waiting to love my new family who can overlook my short comings. My nose works great and I can still run and play or walk and jump like a champion. You’ll see I’m the one you have be waiting to find. We are going to make a great family together… Signed Puppy in Pink 



Beatrice is thought to be in the wheaten terrier family,but her coat is flat and wiry with wisps around her face . She is a long legged and naturally lean.10 month old puppy !
She is 36 lbs and people shy at first. She would love a family to help her build her confidence. As a young puppy, she did not have the right guidance. She likes to play and is now inter-acting with the other foster pack . Bea is current on her shots, spayed micro chipped and heartworm negative. She constant guidance in house training and will be a wonderful addition to a family with a fenced in yard.

Her new family will be encouraged to take her for obedience training.

Apply now



Stanley is thought to be.. well, we are not quite sure. He has a very strong resemblance to a Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen. But he is probably , just a terrier mix.He has a solid built body of 23 lbs. soft yet wire-like  coat  and is only 10 months. He is very curious and playful. He is neutered, heartworm negative, micro chipped  and current on his shots. Stanley is nearly housetrained, and would be a great family pet.. apply now !!


Meet Snowbird ! He is thought to be a 5 year old , 8 lb poodle mix. He is just fun and silly , and ready for his forever home. Snowbird is neutered, current on his shots and heartworm negative. He is great with other dogs, hasn’t met a stranger and a joy to be around !



Gilbert/ Clearwater

Gilbert gets the official stamp of super cute. He is thought to be a 2 year old poodle love mix. He is about 12 lbs and ready to play play play. He is current on this shots, micro chipped , neutered and heartworm negative. He loves every thing and everyone. He is getting the knack of housetraining and is READY to win your heart. Apply for Gilbert right now !




Chiffon is soft, delicate, gentle and feminine poodle. She is thought to be a very young  8 years  and just 11 lbs. She is heartworm negative, spayed, current on her shots and micro chipped. She appears to be house trained and great on a leash. If a gentle lap dog is your wish look no further , and apply now !



Meet Cartoon ! If you are looking for a fun little guy with a giant personality ! Look no further. If you are looking for a smile on your face all day long ,look no further ! Cartoon is thought to be a one and a half  year old terripoo. He is all of 11 lbs of joy !. AND house trained. He is working his way thru a skin condition, but will be ready for his forever home soon.
He is current on his shots, micro chipped, neutered and heartworm negative. You could not help smiling , could you !

O Henry/Clearwater

O Henry is a member of the designer breed club! Not quite sure of his mix but he is thought to be a doxie/yorkie . O Henry is 16 lbs and thought to be 3.5 years young. He is current on his shots, neutered , heartworm negative and micro chipped.He is good on a leash and thought to be house trained. O Henry is a good natured boy and a quiet travel companion. Apply now !



Handsome Harley/Clearwater

We are not really sure of his breed , but best guess is a Lhasa/terrier mix. He is about 20 lbs, and less than a year old. He is current on his shots, micro chipped , heartworm negative and neutered. He appears to be house trained, and really loves people . Look at that face , you just have to apply now !


Perky Pepper /Clearwater

Pepper is a 6 year old 6 lb , Yorkshire terrier. She is a happy little girl that gets along well with other dogs. Perky is current on her shots heartworm negative and spayed. She is working on her leash training and house training . Apply Now !


Jingles is a 3 year old 6.9 lb , Yorkshire terrier. She is a happy little girl that gets along well with other dogs. Jingles  is current on her shots heartworm negative and spayed. She is working on her leash training and house training . Apply Now

Mini Mia /Clearwater

Mini Mia  is a 4 year old 7 lb , Yorkshire terrier. She is a happy little girl that gets along well with other dogs. Mia  is current on her shots heartworm negative and spayed. She is working on her leash training and house training . Apply Now !

Pappi /Clearwater

A Senior for a Senior!!!!

Adoption Fee $50

This little guy, Pappi, is an 12 yr old Maltese (about middle age for a Maltese, I hear).

He’s recently had a physical and except for cataracts, is in great health.

The cataracts are causing some sight imparement, but he gets around just fine!

He’s neutered and up to date on all his shots and meds.

He has recently had a dental too!

Just like us humans, because of his age, he does need more frequent potty breaks.

He’s really smart and if you listen, he’ll tell you just what he wants…

Bark #1 – I want to go outside (or come inside).

Bark #2 – I’m hungry, please feed me.

Bark #3 – Please pick me up, I want to sit with you so you can show me some attention.

It doesn’t take long to learn his language.

He’s a sweet little independent guy that’s really easy to care for and love….a perfect dog for a Senior!

Apply for Pappi Today… or  …as he’s beconing one of our *Permanent Fosters*, please donate to  help with the care of Pappi.
*Permanent Foster * = Once a dog comes into our care, we Never give up on them or pass them on, for someone else to care for them.
 They stay with us, in a permanent foster home, for the rest of their days.  
We Love them that much!!!!!
We have a few Permanent Fosters and could use help, in the way of donations, to help with their care.
vip pappi 2 14

vip pappi groomed 2

vip pappi groomed


Adoption Fee $50

Lady Latte/Clearwater

Meet Lady Latte !
Lady Latte is possibly a poodle, doxie, terrier mix, thought to be 8 years young and about 13 lbs. She is a little shy at first but quickly warms up. She is house trained, enjoys going for walks and being around people. She is calm, well-mannered, happy and sweet with dogs and children. Lady Latte is a beautiful, unique dog with piercing hazel eyes. She is current on her shots, micro chipped, spayed and heartworm negative.
Apply now for this gentle Lady!


Valentino is thought to be a mostly poodle mix. He is current on his shots, will be neutered and heartworm negative.He is good with other dogs and appears to be house trained. He is about 15 lbs of love and about 1.5 years old. Don’t wait for his glamour shot, cuties like Valentino are adopted quickly !

Little Spark/Clearwater

Meet Little Spark, a sweet, calm, white & gray Toy Parti Poodle that is needing a warm lap to curl… up in. He is approximately 6-8 years young and weighs roughly 8 pounds. He is loving, obedient, house-trained, good with kids and other pets. Due to years of neglect and poor diet, his coat has thinned and he doesn’t get around too quickly. In just a few days, he has made amazing progress and with continued proper care and exercise, he be a healthy, jaw-dropping adorable little guy! His sad puppy dog eyes, gentle demeanor and longing to love someone, will absolutely melt your heart!

He has been neutered, had a dental with a few teeth being extracted, shots up to date, heart-worm/ flea preventative applied and is ready to settle into his forever home.



Meet Dempsey !
 Dempsey is the true rescue story.
A death row dog, waiting for his final walk. To his surprise, he got a freedom ride ! 2 legs of transport to his foster mom, a VERY necessary trip to the groomer, and then , to the vet , where a myriad of ailments were disclosed. Dempsey was not very social, but seemed to want to be friends. Brought up to speed on shots, and neutered, treated for a petri dish of intestinal worms and step one in the heartworm treatment. We were on our way to physical recovery! For those who have never fostered a dog in such rough shape, there are many nights of tears and  worry.On  day five, he wagged his tail.On day nine, he laid beside me . On day 11, he nose bumped my hand.On day 14, he sat directly in front of me , and looked me in the eyes ! His soulful eyes,spoke the words only few hear. Dempsey is a loyal, low profile companion pet. My best guess is he is a cocker mix. He is 39 lbs of quiet love.He is good on a leash , house trained, and enjoys soft squeaky toys. With his health issues behind him, Dempsey is looking for love in a safe loving home.





Samantha is a 5 year old 50 lb border collie. Her mom has been moved to a care facility leaving Samantha , to be placed in rescue .
Samantha is a bi-lingual dog, both Spanish and English. She is super smart, house trained and a love muffin !.
She is spayed, current on her shots and heartworm negative. She is great with other dogs !
Apply now !



Newport is thought to be 2 years young and about 14 lbs. His soft , yet curly coat , flat ears suggest he is a cock-a -poo. He is a real charmer ! Loves, people , dogs and KIDS! He is house trained, and super friendly. Newport is current on his shots, neutered, micro chipped and heartworm negative. Apply now, these shaggy face cuties are gone in a flash !


Indigo is thought to be 2 years old and about 30 lbs. He was represented to us as a Kerry Blue Terrier. He is current on his shots, neutered and heartworm negative. The breed characteristics, points to ,like most terriers, ratters. So , he is probably not suited for a household with cats , or small animals . Indigo loves to play and most often be found with a mouth full of toys. Apply now, rare breeds always go fast !


Ciera is a stunning female standard poodle . She is thought to be 7 years young and 50 lbs .She is heartworm negative, spayed and current on her shots. She is truly a standard classic, with her gentle manner and her high intelligence. A lifetime of neglect brought her to rescue, arriving with a very large tumor that will be removed soon. She is available for adoption or foster to adopt.She is best suited for living in the Pinellas county area, for her continued medical treatment . Please consider donating to Ciera’s medical fund .



Mister Scruffy

 Mister Scruffy is thought to be 2 years young and 10 lbs. He appears to be a blond Brussels Griffon . Scruffy is neutered, current on his shots and heartworm negative. He is housetrained, great with other dogs, loves to play play play with fuzzy toys , and is super friendly . Apply for Mister Scruffy today !

Monty /Clearwater

Monty is thought to be a 3 year old Lhasa /poo. He is about 10 lbs. He is neutered, current on his shots, and heartworm negative. Neglected, he needed to be shaved down. He is not kid or cat tested. Monty is doing great on house training and is just fine crated.Monty is best suited for  a home with an experenced pet parent. perhaps as an only child also. Please consider Monty as your forever buddy !